Safex Published at TheStartup Medium


My article in which I’m talking about e-commerce and Safex just got published at TheStartup Medium Publication. It has about 400,000 followers. Feel free to share it!

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Hope this message is understood clearly and reaches beyond 400 k followers :rocket:
Safex will play important role in the evolution of the e-commerce market


People should look beyond the hype. I can totally see crypto e.g. Safex Cash end up impacting vendors, merchants and with it, every single customer on marketplace.


so do I @jeremyzhou e-businesses should start accepting crypto as a form of payment. Cryptocurrency will eventually become a more common part of everyday e-commerce;


I’m such a firm believer in ongoing marketing campaigns, we need to blast this article everywhere we can :loudspeaker:


I was just wondering… Is there a way to obtain any cryptocurrency without having a bank account?


You could try