Safex needs our help to get listed on TradeOgre


Hey folks
Safex is currently looking into getting on TradeOgre exchange, and we as a community have the opportunity to help them out.

Please take few minutes to fill out the Listing Application and Submit. All information is listed bellow.

Coin Name: Safex Cash

Ticker Symbol: SFX

Coin Technology: Cryptonote


Official Website:


Bitcointalk thread:

Block Explorer:

Mining Pools:

Getting listed on TradeOgre would also allow Safex Cash to get listed on and this will be great for network security.

It’s not much effort and makes a big difference

Thanks to all of you!


it would be great if we get sfx listed! is it US friendly?


As far as I know - it’s not KYC exchange and also US investors are allowed to trade


I’ve done my part! Thanks for bringing this exchange up.






Ive said this from the start you need to find an Asian Exchange especially in Korea or Japan , Korea has some of the biggest volume in crypto Upbit and Bithumb and in Japan you have Liquid !


Just did it. I wrote a whole essay about why they should list this coin, like five points-paragraphs.
Hope that will influence their opinion. :fireworks:


Bear in mind safex didn’t raise much $$$ in ico so it’s difficult to get listed on top tier exchanges with large trade volumes.
However, isn’t Upbit only for Koreans? How friendly are those exchanges for Non Koreans




I did it for both Safex cash and Safex Token


Done, again please no voting I cant do that again
TradeOgre Coin Listing Application
Your response has been recorded.


thanks for posting this here :slight_smile: just to let you know, i was the one that started this initially. it’s not something that comes from dan or the safex team. doesn’t really matter tho because this is supposed to be a decentralized project right ? good to see that the community is ready to help out.


liquidity is liquidity