& Safe Exchange Coin Promotional Video Graphics


Free to use. Download the .mp4 and drop into your video editor when you create videos related to Safex.

Download Links:

Download 1

Download 2

Download 3

GIFs - right click and save image as .gif

More coming soon for both SAFEX and Chille.


@framelalife That’s amazing thank you so much for that!!


Very cool indeed!


Thanks! I plan to start spitting out some more. GIFs are always great for message boards, blogs and chat. The video files are good to use as intros, outros, transitions for any videos related to the platform.

I hope people find them useful and use them to spread the word about SAFEX and Chille!


@framelalife I will definitely be using these in each and every video we push forward from now on. Thank you again!


really nice to see activity is strong in SafeEX coin , looking forward to see more of these creative ideas become a reality for SafeEX as a whole , good way of spreading awareness for beautiful tech. Cheers


Awesome shit
Sorry guys for spamming you on slack…
This is all i need