Safex FAQ: Seeking out your questions


Hello Dan,

Let’ s say, that I buy in your chille blockchain market TV from one seller, I pay him by chille coins. Let’ s say, that seller is cheater and he doesn’ t want to send me my TV. Do I have any protection?



  • Who is the product being marketed to? Furthermore what interest has been shown?

  • Once the market is open is it possible to sell whatever you want? i.e. Are there going to be times where im going to feel uncomfortable taking my cut? … This is not a question about legality but morality. There are certainly trades that went on on the infamous Silk Road that crossed lines that should not be crossed.


Is there a chance that SafeX could some day move to a new blockchain like Ethereum, Neo or Nem ect if need be?


The Chille blockchain is being developed for that.


Being uncomfortable taking your cut?? lol Well if the time comes on that ill be more that willing to take it. Honestly if your that uncomfortable why did you invest?


This subject was discussed in much more depth in another thread… along the lines of ‘voting out illegal activity’


I wonder how long the Bittrex wallet for Safex will be under maintenance ? I’m sure it’s not helping the price


The longer it ‘doesnt help the price’ the cheaper you can stock up :wink:


Question regarding the Dividends again. Knowing that all this is in construction, at this point in time, what are your thoughts on mining and the potential dividend fee split they will receive? I have noticed you saying that mining will be something you’r interested in but only for a limited amount of time. Does this all still stand?



@znffal Look, it seems I was the original pest.


I to would like to know this answer to this question


How safe are my safex coins in the safex wallet and how long will I keep them there?


In this video Dan says Chille will be CPU-mineable, does this mean it will not be mineable with GPU?


This was addressed in earlier posts. SAFEX team is made aware.


Chille will be CryptoKnight algorithm. Allowing both GPU and CPU . @Bredell @znffal Sorry for the miscommunication earlier.


thanks MrJ i have to have missed that one. Alot of information to keep track of hehe


Link please? Dan has said multiple times that the CryptoNight algorithm will be used for mining using cpu or gou. Has this changed?


There was a pic posted on the FB group but I’m having trouble finding it. Perhaps it might have been Dan saying gpu as well as cpu.


Everyone keeps saying that PoW concept is really outdated.
Looking into the future, PoS or other methods might be more suitable.

Anyone knows why Dan decided to go PoW on Chille?