Safex FAQ: Seeking out your questions


Avast Security on my Windows 10 o.s. treated the Safex wallet as a threat and blocks it. I messaged them telling them it is SAFE. Was this known to you? Thanks!


Is this fud or what? I didnt get a whatsapp download on my windows machine,

The scan comes up with nothing, and you’re downloading directly from


How to transfer your Safex coins to the wallet what you buy before on the website with option 2?


You should take your Private Key that you had to save during option 2 and type it into the text input next to Import Key


It’s work now Dan it was the secret key thx :slight_smile:


Have win 10 and avast, no virus detected like @squorm saying.


You’re the man!!


I get the same and my Avast doesn’t let me install. I dislabled Avast temporarily to install it, however when its back up and running and I try open the wallet, BANG, avast quarantines it and it can’t be used.

Any way around this?

It didn’t install whatsapp though so not sure what happened with @squorm


that was a FUD there is no whatsapp installed… -_-

we need to sign and provide the applications to the AV company.


Yeah didn’t think that was possible and didn’t believe it for a second to tell you the truth.

No problem @dandabek and just want to say thanks for all your hard work so far on this project. Easy for people to ridicule behind a keyboard, but they don’t see the hours put in, lack of sleep, 100 coffee’s, and utter exhaustion that goes on behind the scenes. I think you are your team are doing an outstanding job, which reinforces me wanting to invest more in Safex.

Honestly, thank you for all the hard work!


if I was to import my wallet after I put coins in there will I lose them?


i forgot my wallet password. is anyway i can log in my account even i have my public key and private key of my wallet


If you have your private key, then you will need to create a new wallet so you can make a new password…






1)Choose the import option when starting the wallet.
2)Pick the file you used to export your wallet.
3)Choose new password during the setup process.
4)Remember password from now on. :blush:


On your site I found only a road map
what about a time-map in stages?


Hi Daniel,

my questions are little bit bizzare but my real concern

  1. why would normal consumer favor Safex compared with for example Amazon with good customer service, supply chain, recommendation system. I know the reason for black market :wink:

  2. what do you think would happen to the price of safex if the bitcoin is down to 0 for example

thanks a lot for your super feedback on forum and so on



Hi Daniel,

Something I think that could be helpful is a Chille coin dividends/shares calculator.

Although there is currently quite a bit of a sell wall depressing the price, I think it could be good to spread to the word of benefits such as the 5% initial Chille coin drop on the new blockchain and how much people could earn in dividends. With a bit more help to see the true benefits of Chille and SAFEX, I really think we could see more adoption.

Neo and other POS coins have these and they certainly helped me understand the longer-term value of holding them.

P.S. Wallet looks great and works well enough for now. Looking forward to the updates and future iterations.

Keep up the good work!



Isn’t it 0.5%? That will be airdropped to us during the launch of chillie