Safex Development Update October 30, 2017


Greetings Safex Community,

First up, we had delays with the Safex Wallet V3 release because we had reissued the Microsoft certificate and the weekend hours rolled in which forced us to have to wait until Today to get that certificate. Since this morning we’ve completed the signing of the binaries with the certificates so now we can authoritatively submit our programs to antivirus service providers and when you open the program it has a recognized entity behind them.

This is a huge step for us which will make adoption easier by new users including those using Antivirus software. Even though it will be still some time before all antivirus software has added our software release to their whitelist, the steps are in motion to be an established software provider for the community.

After two months of services we would like to thank Milan for his attempt to contribute to the SAFEX community. We wish him success in his new endeavor. His departure by no means impacts our development progress and our commitment to Safex blockchain, the market and the community. Our development team continues to work towards and we’re confident in meeting the committed timelines. This void gives us an opportunity to hire a professional and experienced PR firm to actually have a great impact on our strategy and future. We are taking this chance to align our PR strategy to improve communication with investors, partners and community. We our certain you’ll appreciate the improvement to that regard.

The Safex Alpha is all on track. I as the lead developer of that am taking this in full swing. Since we have no travel plans until the end of November and the only focus for me is on the Safex Blockchain, I am sure that our Alpha will be completed within the Q4 timeframe.

Additionally, we will have the site designs proposed by Nikola on Wednesday. I want to present them to community to look them over and give your feedback. These new designs are inspired solely by Nikola and his time spent together with us. I have not seen them yet, so I am equally looking forward to the unveiling this week.

Look out for the Wallet update this week, we will give an official post about it and post up the new binary download links.

Thank you for your patience and support. There is nothing that will stop the Safex team from completing even though we will have an omelette in the end, we will need to break some eggs to get to it.

Safex Developers


Well done Dan! Looks like progress to me with everything going on! Need to extend my Safex Holdings :slight_smile: Maybe i can clean the toilets in your office and get paid in Safe Exchange coin ? :smiley:


woooow! a lot of new things! congrats, keep doing it guys


Thank you Mr. Dabek for clarifying the situation because over the week-end a lot of people in the SAFEX community were a bit worried. Great news that a PR firm will handle Safex. Great news that the Chille and Coke logo/name is being dropped! Looking forward to the new website and wallet! Very good to know about the 1 holder of over a hundred million coins is slowly out of this project. Nobody could really understand the multiple buy and sell orders of 1-3 million coins per order that have plagued Bittrex for months now… what a relief !


I’m glad you can focus on the Chille Network going forward. Things always come up, and sometimes we need to adjust, adapt, or pivot. Whatever gets the job done.

Thanks for the update!


I want a shirt like that. Pls, sell on the site


Can I get one of those shirts?


Good update, better than many dev updates I’ve seen recently.

How about a competition to name the Chille coin? We run a poll with the top 5/10 finalists in a community vote getting something nominal like 500 Safex. It could be a good way to generate some name ideas. If you end up choosing a community-submitted name for the coin you could advertise a more substantial Safex reward/bounty.

I’m not typically a fan of these sort of contests, just a thought.


how about 50,000:)


Yeah, i think dividends are safex sons, so they are safexsons


Big week! Thanks for the update as always, keep it safe!


I also like safex t-shirt sale. Various designs of safex are cool.


Take advantage of the manipulation and be greedy when there is fear. fear? can you believe that.


Dan & Team,

Thank you for the update. Appreciate the time and effort you put into these reviews of the past week, and what lies ahead. They are instrumental in maintaining a sense of progress for the Community.

Having a PR Firm come on board will bring new ideas and also give the PR Firm a chance to explore the Crypto-space, perhaps for the first time. How well you, Dan, and the Team can educate them, as well as giving them a connection to the Community, will support the steep learning curve that lies ahead for them. Their insights on branding & communications will be supportive of SAFEX as well.

Glad to hear about dropping Chille and the Logo. They served as placeholders and the change from them will give more strength to the project as people see that the project is moving in a truly professional manner.

As for naming the Marketplace Coin, I imagine that there are some good Serbian words for Marketplace that could be transliterated into English as a place to start. Such words, I have found, can galvanize a brand in the local tongue and can quickly catch on with English-speakers as well. For example, I do not know what the word “SAFE” is in Serbian, @dandabek, but I would very much like to know. It could be a unique term that resonates with everyone.


Thx Dan for update. @dandabek Safex All The Way.


In the new website we are adding a form for the community to suggest how they would like to help, in their own way.


Great! Thank you


I call dibs on the website. React, React Router, React Bootstrap etc.