Safex Development Update November 6, 2017


Sentry coins, sentry credits or sentry notes acquired on the Safex blockchain. Pretty synonymous with what’s trying to be accomplished with this project.


While we are still guessing, let me add this to the conversation:

one hundred million Satoshi’s make 1 bitcoin; one hundred million [WHAT??] makes 1 Safex coin? One hundred million [WHAT??] makes 1 Safex cash?

“Hey, I have bought a [ITEM] for zero dot zero zero zero zero zero hundred forty five Safex cash” - I don’t think so!


You’re 100% on this @dogberry we also need to break down to individual units.


Easy, we can all it Dabeks. I got a new laptop for 10,000 Dabeks.

It’s a joke btw lol


1 nano represents 10^-9 (i.e 10 raised to the power -9)

How about “nanex”

1 nanex = 1 billionth of a Safex Coin
1 nan = abbreviated form

1 Safex = 1,000,000,000 nanex = 1,000,000,000 nans


1 nanex = ± Billionth of the marketplace Coin

Although there is a website, and there is an Android cellphone with the name “Nanex.” Would this be a problem?

I noticed there is a company registered as Safex Chemicals
but this is not the same as Safe Exchange Coin or

Just my 2 cents, I’ll keep brainstorming…


Or “sanx” instead combining things “snanox” doesn’t sound right so shortened it to “sanx”


We could do

Safex Share
Safex Cash

I got the video game for 20 Safex. Since people will probably be using this word the most in conversations, might as well use the main brand name.

Not a big fan of all these random obscure words, keep it simple with Safex.


I thought we were discussing breaking Safex, Safex Share, Safex Cash, whatever into smaller units as Dan was suggesting:

You have “bitcoin” and you have “satoshi”

There has to be some way to describe the smallest unit of Safex, or whatever…

Something like “nanex” doesn’t replace Safex, Safex Cash, Safex Shares, or whatever, just a name for the smallest unit.

Maybe something like:

1 Dan = 0.000000001 Safex


I was suggesting to use Safex as the smallest unit (like satoshi). Since it will be the most commonly mentioned word.

I’m just thinking of whatever works best in a conversation. It also helps with cementing the branding as well.

Q: How much did you get that phone for on the Safex market?
A: I got it for 500 Safex


I see… Good suggestion, I like that idea!


What about an abbreviated form for Safex.

1 satoshi same as 1 sat


Maybe we should wait until we get past $0.01 per Safex to have this discussion. We would have to break $1.00 before this even gets close to being an issue.


How about using the term ‘bits’ for the fractional units? The word bit has been used for both an expression of money as well as data.


Another way to integrate the Safex name into everything could be to call the fractional pieces Safex Coins.

1 Safex Coin = 1/1,000,000,000 Safex Cash

i.e. I bought that video game for 410 Safex Coins.


This is for Chili coin though, the value we don’t know yet. But judging from the 2 billion supply, we can assume around the same value.


When did Noah build his Ark? … before the rain! :wink:


and we are @ 0,01 :smiley:


Hi all new to safex just got 100,000 shares grear community btw. Just an Idea about the name how about xefas coin? Just an idea


It would be safex looking into the mirror


Welcome aboard Nelson!