Safex Development Update November 6, 2017


Most SciFis use Credits as currency. Star Wars in particular. I think it will give the average user some familiarity.


I like it.


Did anyone else consider the scene:

Watto didn’t accept Qui Gon’s “republic credits” despite jedi mind tricks


Come on Dan. Should anyone consider any scene from Episode I?


you’re right I’m falling for the jedi mind tricks


I know of what you are saying.

But I respectfully disagree.

This influence from star trek and star wars is not

a positive future !

That kind of credit is equal to fiat currency

printed by the Banks (no real value) unlike Gold


It is an amount -credited- to you by the powers

that be (not an exchange of value for value) it is

just a number.

lets say you work 12h for said power (this as

value) they give you the number 10 for it

stamped on a piece of plastic !
Does the plastic hold value ?
No it is fiat !
If instead you would receive one once of gold,

that as value based on scarcity and you can

trade it anywhere.

Cryptos are digital gold !
They can be mined.
They are inside hardware !

Credits are imaginary, made out of thin air !

They are created in the minds of the powerful,

for the subjected masses !

This power that they use to create fiat has been

-granted- by governments.
This is how they get away with it !

Banks are allowed to print fiat because

governments -ruled- in their favor.

So we are under powers and ruler-ships !
No different than a communist dictatorship !

O you say you have 3 mil credits and want to

pack your bags and go to another planet ?
Your 3 mil are worthless !

And no amount of Jedi mind trick will change

that !

My friend, the sci-fi that you and I make up in -

our minds- is not always the sci-fi that -they-

show us !

-Star trek is kind of communist world order.
-And star wars is based on free masons

-We- see what we want to see and project our

But what we are shown is influenced by this

reality and this world.
We know what is good…; peace, prosperity,

freedom !
We just have to beware of the fakes and

falsehood and not get fooled.
The pink colored cage may look pretty but it’s

still a cage !

Now, I can still “enjoy” star trek and star wars,

but not at the expense of truth.
I have learned what they are, and also see a lot

of people embracing the vision at face value.

A real good future as to be routed in truth.
Not driven by a -given- sentiment.


It’s not just Star Wars and Star Trek. Credits are used all over video games etc, and it’s never really clear how they work, or how they’re issued… only that they’re digital.

If somebody says “Credits, you mean like Star Trek?”

The real answer is “No, it’s actually better than that…”

It also begs the question for those who only hear of “credits” first. What type of credits are we talking about? You know, the type you can actually buy stuff with. Just download this app…


So it spread, I give you -credit- for that !

It does not give it more merit !

It still remains Fiat not digital !

The -credit- I just gave you is not digital !

It is something I agreed to give out of the kindness of my heart !

It is illusion-nary !

I don’t want people to think of this as something volatile that they cannot hold on to !

Something more than a promise !

–It— has to be given a —name----

Credit is not a name it is a concept an idea !

We give names to objects and persons in our physical reality.

I want people to think of this as real !


I agree with @thxo1138’s argument, he’s brought up some good points.

“credit” doesn’t sound very legitimate. It’s often associated with arcade game credits & doesn’t sound very professional in a business setting.

Store “credit”, or “credit” cards make the word seem like it’s a second class citizen, not something of high value.

The voting feature would really come in handy for something like this, seems like the community is divided over which term to use.


One more thing.

Credits did not originate in sci-fis or video games !

We have deceived ourselves to believe that because we see it -now- in a futuristic setting that it belongs there somehow !

I’m sorry but credits have always been with us here and now since forever !

We have transferred this romantic notion to it !
Because we were told it will replace money (in the future) !
We where fooled into believing that that was a Positive thing !!!

Yeeeah !!! you don’t have to own anything anymore !!! will just give you credits instead !!!
Wooo whooo !

Please see the truth.

Credits is more aching to rations and food stamps !


Either way this seems like a perfect test for this voting system we’re expecting soon!


Voting as it’s place.

But can we agree first on fundamentals ?

Do we need to vote on every thing ?

I say the sky is purple !
Lets vote on it ?

Just saying lets vote on things that need voting.

Not on things that can be dismissed.

It’s a scary prospect.


What do you think of SECoin ? for Safe Exchange Coin and SEC all in one name like Bitcoin.


It appears most people favor “SAFEX” as the base name, and everything suggested will be a suffix variation.

For example:

Safex Coin
Safex Cash
Safex Credit
Safex Shares
Safex Marketplace
Safex ???

I’m okay with any variation as long as the “base” name remains constant.


So we have a exchange

SO have “Exchange Credits” “EXCR

This way its the credits but tied to an exchange.

Or maybe “Safe Exchange Credits” “SEXCR” I think “SafexCR” is too big a ticker symbol


ok, so its hard to think of something other than coin, credits, cash. i took a couple of minutes to think out of the box here …

something that could have value:
Safex Pebbles
Safex Gems
Safex Chips
Safex Rocks

something that is a smaller part
Safex Bits
Safex Spots
Safex Atoms
Safex Dots
Safex Speckles
Safex Flakes
Safex Stars
Safex Sparks

if you would like to extend the space theme:
The safex economy is a solarsystem
The marketplace is one of the planets,
A coinexchange could be another planet, etc etc
In the safex economy we pay with sparks, stars, or comets or asteroids, or particles

ok maybe it’s crap…, just trying to think of something different :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking very hard about this too.
In the United States the IRS has stated that ownership of cryptocurrency should be treated like property.
That gave me the idea that we are all like property holders.

I’ve been thinking we keep " Safex Coins" as the name for the currency to be used on the “Safex Blockchain”, and something like “Safex Deeds” for those of us who now hold a vested right to dividends.

So all of our current coins would be renamed as Safex Deeds, and once the market is launched Safex Coins will be earned and mined, and used for merchant purposes?

Safex Deeds = ownership of Safex
Safex Coins = dividends, market currency


I read this the other day and forgot to comment. Love the sound of Safex Deeds, very original @jcasale good thinking.


Democracy… so overrated. Safex cash…


I agree, safex cash. Simplicity and adoption of new money outside of current crypto holders. IMO mass adoption will want to invest cash into “cash,” not tokens, or what sounds like star wars money. Simplicity, security, anonymity, useabilty, and appeal to new money should be focus. As we said in the Marines, KISS, keep it simple stupid.

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