Safex Development Update November 6, 2017


How about : Safeonz ? Safronz ? Safionz ? Safeions ?


Chillex. Simple but accurate


another one;;; Safexos ?

One Safexo, 100 Safexos.


No update from last week?


So the 6th then now 14th. So it seems that its 8 days instead of 7.


I totally agree. Why go confuse people with two totally different names for two things that belong under one name "SAFEX COIN ™ & SAFEXCHANGE™ should be the names used. Keep it simple and yes the acronym wil stay SEC.


Safex Cash works well! I like it! Bit strange if you try to use it in the plural? e.g. 100 Safex cashes?

Perhaps Safex Coin could be an alternative? Might sound boring but to the point! :slight_smile:


I really dont understand why people are so fixated on ‘coin’ (or ‘cash’)? It is not a coin, it will not be a coin…

The Oxford English Dictionary;
Coin - A flat disc or piece of metal with an official stamp, used as money.
Cash - Money in coins or notes, as distinct from cheques, money orders, or credit.
Credit - [mass noun] Entitlement to a set amount of a particular company’s goods or services, typically paid for in advance of use.

Its pretty clear which term makes most sense.

Furthermore we should avoid being labelled as simply ‘another cryptocoin’ or ‘the latest version of bitcoin’. It should be clear this is a new, unique community. Not the next iteration in an already existing system.


I like coin, it’s good to use words people are most used to, like bit-coin.

The dictionary is also hundreds of years old, technology changes, and so do the implied meaning of words.


I agree with the above post that ‘coin’ is more appropriate than ‘cash’

For example, it would we weird saying an item costs 5 Safex cash, as opposed to saying the item costs 5 safex coins.

I also strongly think my earlier idea of Safex shares is the best for the asset portion. People understand stocks and ownership and the world ‘shares’ is easily interpreted as such.

In summary,


Great points @StrangeCharm . I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who feels Coin and Cash are inappropriate for the situation. I still feel Credit (CRED) or Safex Credit (SXC) is the best way to go.

@webber I have to give you a nod as well. The use and meaning of words change as time goes on and societies evolve. We shouldn’t limit ourselves by applying the rules of the old world when we are designing the future. That being said, I still prefer Credit.


[quote=“SheepWazoo, post:71, topic:2314”]
I still feel Credit (CRED
I do like this as well, especially CRED as its ticker (subconsciously could trigger the word “credible”)


How about Chex? Chillie+Safex, plus it has the monitary play on words with cheques. Short, sharp, 1 syllable, easy to use. Could see people using it casually in mass adoption.


Don’t call them Safex cash or Safex coins or even Safex credits.

Just credits.


I will give my two cents on : “credits”

There are negatives attached to this.

And a limiting factor as well.

Negatives, because there are forms of credits that we know about ;(store credits) is one, to keep it simple I will stick with this one.
(Gift cards is another).

Lets say that you bought something at the store (you paid cash) but return the item and are not satisfied.
The owner offers to “credit” the amount to your account.
Every one would prefer to receive cash back !
Now you are stuck ((limited)) to spend the credits only at that store and nowhere else !

Credits have no real value by themselves, and there is no sense of ownership.
It feels more like a graceful gesture from the store on your behalf.
Its more like a frail agreement…

There is no set amount of credits no scarcity etc…

One way to look at it…

(And think about “credit” cards !)


I like the idea of what we holding at the moment being classified as shares,considering we will receive dividends.

For the trading how about CEES. C’s ( Pronounced seas,seize or sees )
Ticker SEC (could be a play on securities exchange commission )

So in the near future when Daniel is speaking to sold out,packed out stadiums about this venture,
he can say,so what are CEES?. CEES will be a stable digital currency that is pegged to ( US Dollar,Gold ) that will be used on The SafeEx platform to buy and sell goods in the marketplace.

In some minds it could mean COINS,CREDITS or CASH.
IE: I have 5 thousand CEES,or 5K CEES.
This will cost 8 CEES

For Branding, we could have a coin with the capital C in it,similar to bitcoin,but in a different font (not coca-cola style).

Food for thought.


I’m saying just call them credits because what we’re dealing with here is -the- future of global ecommerce. There’s no brand to it, the technology demands authority in the marketplace. Anything less than just “credits” makes it sound like just another alt-coin. It’s not.

As soon as alpha goes live I’m going to host a LoL or HT buy-in tourny. Start small for fun but who knows. Hopefully they’ll be others…


I definitely see where you’re coming from with this and I like the near arrogance it has to claim such a generic name. HOWEVER… I do fear the lack of branding it has, especially in the beginning when newcomers are gettin used to the new environment. If such a simple name was to be adopted the marketing of it would have to be spot on so there was no confusion over what people were looking for.


That’s what I love about Credits (CRED) - It’s just so arrogant. It doesn’t sound like just another altcoin. We take a commonly used term and just take it.


I’m sure I heard credits used in more then one scifi movie being used as currency. I like that. Like your saying, we are taking it, we are the future. Something like that.