Safex Development Update November 6, 2017


If we keep the same ticker symbol (SAFEX) it shouldn’t be a big problem, we are just changing the description name to add more clarity.


Well if the majority of community did decide to change the original name, I’m sure token holders would understand.

You can’t please everyone, but if the process was done in a democratic way (I’m hinting at the voting feature that would be added to the wallet for things like this) then I would accept the results.

I do see the disadvantages of changing the original token however.


In comments under update video (youtube):


lol, Sharex informal is as “pussy” in my language


Maybe change safex to SHAVEX to keep it in the same ‘region’. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update Dan and team! Things seem to be really shaping up now!

Looking forward to hearing more about the affiliate program and potential alpha release. I’m sure you already know that those of us that have been with you guys on this journey for a while have ultimate confidence in your ability to keep driving the project forward.

Best regards!


Unfortunately if we use “shares” or “investor” then a few exchanges will refuse to list. Like bittrex

Lets keep safex as safex and cal it a coin. Every one understands that But of course a better name is welcome. :slight_smile:

Its the replacement for chillie that seems harder.


actually, a “dividend” is a misnomer in the case of Safex. There is actually no company, it’s more like a proof of stake model earning coins than investing in a company. There is no central “company” that gains anything by you buying the Safex “Tokens”

That being said, I see some good ideas. I like safex cash personally. I am testing that locally and seeing how it fits. What do you think? Safex Cash


Reminds me of bitcoin cash.

But over time that will fade. I’m sure new people will not make that association.


Loved your suggestion. Lets keep it


Not fondy of Safex Cash, though I do like Tender as suggested above.

I’d really like to see the name tie in to the ideological vision for the exchange. A true free market. Maybe a synonym or term associated with the free market (agora would have been a good name for the chain save its dark net use).

I think if you can capture the vision of the marketplace in the name, that’s great. Otherwise if you can capture the concept of a market or currency in a cool way, that will help with adoption.


Hmmm… just thinking in text. How long do we have to pitch name ideas?


Safex union es excelente!


Safex Cash was a logical choice in my mind too.


i believe Safex Trust instead of Safex Cash for the coin


Personally I prefer Safex Credits to Safex Cash. Cash feels too much like the physical notes and coins that the banks hand out to us. If we are to truly remove ourselves from the systems that have been forced upon us and offer a digital maketplace where we can trade free from middle-men I think we should use terminology that isnt already associated with those middle-men.

PLUS… Credits sounds like SciFi and people like SciFi!


What about: SAFEXGO may be?!
Or just GOSAFEX for a worldwide market place to do safe exchanges!


A vote will definitely be needed for the top however many choices.


safesex coin


in all seriousness this is a very important topic, this is my favorite answer of every suggestion so far, and also credits (cred).


I like safex cash.