Safex Development Update November 6, 2017


Greetings Team,

First of all want to thank everyone for their feedback and critiques of the website layout. I think that it was very successful because we tested the designs before implementing them. So no surprises of Pirate Ships etc.

To those who were interested, the updated website will include the affiliate system to provide an incentive to full time marketers. This should allow people to get a reimbursement for their efforts in promoting our community.

These updates will take place over the next ~3 weeks, so we are hoping towards the end of the month we will launch.

Other news is related to the Safex Blockchain. In my opinion, and we should formalize this, yet I (Daniel) believe that we should stick to a single branding: Safex and call the blockchain after Safex. And then we just need to come up with a name for the currency to differentiate from the Safex Tokens we are holding now.

The Blockchain is center stage for the past few weeks now, we are hoping to have the thick of the alpha coded before the month is out, and have a chance to use December for any bug fixes and especially to learn what is working well and where we can improve on. If we spill over the release of alpha into December please do not be alarmed. In the meantime we will demo as often as we can.

Following this alpha will be real time creation of the marketplace beta. The way that we optimized the website designs we will do with everything.

Looking forward to furthering everything we’re working on. Thank you all for your support once again, this is how we are going to able to bring mass adoption. The most important thing we can do is hear all the feedback and optimize.

Safex Developers


I do agree the blockchain’s name should be SAFEX, having 2 names could b confusing to new comers.

Any SEO/branding/marketing effort done thus far will also be wasted if we go with a different name.

Sia does Siafund and Siacoin, which both have the word Sia in it. Maybe we could call Chilli something with the word ‘Safe’ in there somewhere.

Maybe Safecoin to be simple?

EDIT. nvm Safecoin has been taken. SafexCoin can be too similar.


Why not Safex’s Chille Blockchain?


Safe Exchange Token
SEC = Safe Exchange Coin
Safex Blockchain
why not?


@webber we did very little if any marketing of chille


I meant that if we used a name other than SAFEX. Like if we used Chilli we would have to market that in addition to just SAFEX.


That’s right we save ourselves a whole marketing job.


SAFEX!!! The best name!!


i heard of chilicoin proyect, i dont know if it still alive but maybe it can be confusing for others. I really like SAFEX name


I dont think SafexCoin would be too similar. Especially since SafeCoin has been flat-lining for over a year. I like the idea of Safex Tokens, Safex Coins and the Safex Blockchain. Although I hope people wouldnt get confused about what they were buying and get tokens (shares) instead of coin to use in the marketplace.

EDIT: Ofcourse that would require people to sell their tokens… which is just lunacy.

Furthermore although the market for SafexTokens has remained relatively quiet. It is - as has been posted on this forum - been getting some attention as a promising project uneder the Safex brand. So to then launch the marketplace with a coin noone has ever heard of could be detrimental.


I like that too

Safex Tokens (SAFEX)
Safex Exchange Coins (SEC) (from @neurolicious
Safex Blockchain


Yes keeping the branding for the Blockchain makes sense.

Safex token
Safex blockchain

And in honour of Dan’s original vision how about Galleon coin?

Galleons were large, multi-decked sailing ships used as armed cargo carriers primarily by European states from the 16th to 18th centuries during the age of sail and were the principal fleet units drafted for use as warships until the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the mid-1600s. Galleons generally carried three or more masts with a lateen fore-and-aft rig on the rear masts, were carvel built with a prominent squared off raised stern, and used square-rigged sail plans on their fore-mast and main-masts.

Such ships were the mainstay of maritime commerce into the early 19th century, and were often drafted into use as auxiliary naval war vessels—indeed, were the mainstay of contending fleets through most of the 150 years of the Age of Exploration — before the Anglo-Dutch wars begat purpose-built ship-rigged warships that thereafter dominated war at sea during the remainder of the Age of Sail.


A concern I have about similar names is that it might be confusing for new investors and marketplace participants. Especially if the prices of the coins are much different.


A few I have suggested in the discord chat:

Safex Credits (SFC), or just Credit (CRED) to go with this Scifi theme we have going on.
Liber (LBR / LIBR) in honor of Liberland adopting Safex so early. Liberland Exchange Coin (LEC).
COIN. SImple, to the point.


Safex Marketplace token - SFX (or SMP, or SXM)
Safex coin for HODL - SAFEX


Since the blockchain is called SAFEx blockchain then like bitcoin SafeExchangeCoin becomes SAFEX. no change to the ticker

Then we need a name for what was called “chillie coin”. Since it is in essence a token of exchange in the marketplace then simply SAFEX_Token (or SAFEX_Trade_coin) might be a suitable name

Not bad. Maybe include Trade in there so Safex Trade Credits (SxTC)


really happy about this :slight_smile: never liked the chillie name


I like the analogy of an actual safe, as in a vault. Like the safex blockchain is the vault and the chille coin is the the keys to accessing the vault. If you wanted to rename the chille coin, maybe something to do with that analogy. Key, cipher, code, unlock … something to that nature. I like cipher.


^ really like this idea


What about Safe Tender? People new to cryptos will recognize that tender mean currency/money and that attached with “Safe” could help to subconsciously make new adopters feel more comfortable heading into a new venture.