Safex Development Update December 4, 2017


haha mainly aussies here, I am fromySydney. When I saw that safex is Serbian bases I had to buy in, even though I am buying in at a high now I have feeling they will do big things. Keep in mind that Serbia is really underrated and there is a heap of talent there. Their overheads should be lower as the as the average income for a good developer there should be about 5-10 x less than anywhere else in the world. My opinion is that safex has HUGEEEE potential, from here on the sky is the limit. Happy trading everyone !


Damn!! lot of aussies… i used to live in perth as well, was there for over 6 years :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems to be a strong Aussie following, can’t wait to see Safex showcased at the Blockchain conference in May. By then the new Safex blockchain would have been released!


Aussies have plenty of money to spend, coming to Australia should be a priority for SafeX


So many aussies and no mention in the broadband forums in the topic for alt coins


Oi oi oi lol is it still a good time to buy at these prices? Im a long term holder


Yes, but be sensible (word to readers reading your post). Buy in small quantities and buy on the dips.


There is a dip now


Yep, good isn’t it.

Later today I’d say it will rise again. Especially if someone posts in


Ok sweet. Even at these prices and everything rolls out as it should. We are all sitting nice. I have to say thanks to everyone on this forum i have asked for help. This is a totally different world then sweating it out on a workshop floor. So thanks everyone and as we say TO THE MOON


Done :slight_smile:


Saw that. Good on ya,


Taswegian by any chance ?

From an ex-Taswegian.


Oops! I’m spotted. :slight_smile: