Safex Development Update December 4, 2017


Shit makes my 100g look small hahaha. Imagine $10 per share


Sounds good cf1, let us know when you upload the video and we will all promote…


Its all good Nelson even at 100k x $1 = $100,000… not a bad return.


I am, I think most on this forum are. I’m in it for minimum five years and want to help the community grow.

Since Dans already working on the blockchain in a testing environment, isn’t that the Alpha? How will the anticipated launch of the alpha differ from what’s currently happening?

Dan has already said that the Alpha won’t be mineable or at least will be Reset upon the beta launch. So I’m curious what can we expect to see from the December Alpha release?


We get to test the blockchain with actual nodes (aka miners)


Welcome mate! And yeah, i am in this for the long term. I am only hodling around 45-50k myself. Can’t afford more at this moment as my mining rigs are hoarding ETC for me atm. Waiting for ETC fork, then selling ETC and moving it into Safex :slight_smile:


Funny coz I’m in Melbourne as well :wink: I am not an Oz though, good to see you here guys


Welcome Salvatoreone, visiting from Italy?


Haha, no, it’s just a nick that I made up ages ago when I was a kid. I’m Polish :poland: but I love to travel


Lol enjoy your travels, and apologise for the rainy Melbourne weather… It’s not usually this wet in summer…


Im in it for the long term. Throwing a few dollars into it and hoping it goes somewhere. Only holding 10,000 so not even a real player! Debating whether or not to buy more but its always a risk with the unknown. Most people seem confident though and I dont want to go past dec 18


Well some is better than none. Im sure at $10 a share one day u won’t say small player then


Fingers crossed!


We seem to be climbing steady wait for the boom. And im not jumping off this ride.


Dan and rest of the team have put so much effort into this project and it looks like the time has come for investors to value it. Excellent news for us, holders!


Hey Safex Community,

Although I have some holdings in safex at the moment I’m looking to increases it significantly… coming from a ecommerce background I fully believe in this project and want it to succeed. With that being said I cant pay my bills with my hopes and dreams. So I wanted to know if you long term holders think its a good time to buy in before the white paper, or should I wait a little bit to see if the price pulls back a bit.



I think it is still a good time to buy, because not just only the whitepaper coming up this month. So if people get the whitepaper and see the alpha version, it gains even more trust, which can be a good effect on the price.


If you are going to invest anyway definitely get in before the WP, and yes reap the rewards as project rolls out…


Thanks for the update Dan & team! Exciting times ahead! I’m trying to spread the good word on Steemit and Reddit. Hopefully I’ve given a fair overview of Safex - you can read the post here


Thanks for the update Dan, much looking forward to the coming weeks!
Keep it safe!