Safex Development Update December 28, 2017


It shouldn’t be this high, but you knew the price when you bought it.


Hey guys, anyone can reply to this please? Thanks.


Nooooooo! Same question was answered by Dan on other threads. Please feel free to check it out.

Mainly to support the group, and the fact that safex is still using btc blockchain akd paying btc fees … etc.


Daniel i have updated Safex Wallet version 0.0.5 and i have imported safex wallet of version 0.0.3 but i cant see any safex balance on new wallet but on omni explorer i can see number of safex coins but on new version of safex wallet i see zero balance for both safex and bitcoin…my wallet address is 19dhb65YUt7k86Dty9EfoCTEK4jNvmgHsG.

Please let me know what is the issue and what can be done


A known bug, try to archive, then unarchive the address in the wallet.


How to unarchive by send simply pressing home button or another way


OK Done Thanks


Glad I could help!