Safex Development Update December 28, 2017


@Piotreator Try to archive your address and then unarchive.


@Forex - it works. Thank You.


No they would simply increase the fees like they had done before. If you read their reasons for delisting after review then you can have a factual reason to choose from. And there is a clear winner from there.

But do they use financial services terms to describe that. It was calling them dividends that made safex different to those others. And who is to say those others are not going to be deliested after they get reviewed.


That transaction size is related to cryptopia not to bittrex


If we keep the older version of the wallet without upgrading, will we still get the Chiles when they are issued?

Sorry I just want to confirm this instead of having to update the wallet every time there is a new version that comes out.

Thanks :+1:



Great news!


How come no official update on the forum?


Was that today Boris? I dont have access to the discord


Yes, earlier today.


Sweet! Good news!


Do you have an update on this?



You literally have $30 invested and complain about the actions of the exchange. LMAO


Why did charge me .11 BTC for $300 of SAFEX? I’m very sad to be treated this way by your organization just a few days ago. I’d like a full refund from you for this amount. I’ll provide my address whenever you like and I’m happy to show your team the transaction details. I’m very disappointed that I trusted SAFEX.


How has that got anything to do with safex?
They did not force you to buy is any way.


You knew the price before the purchase and now you are complaining… People are so immature.


That’s fare. However, if a company treated a customer this way in a normal business I don’t think that company would be around long. Price gouging is never a way to treat others with respect especially when you’re just starting a business. You’re right though, I made the purchase freely. I chose to buy at a foolish price, they chose to price-gouge… You chose to judge me as immature.


I do agree with you, it isnt fair to sell at that price since anyone purchasing at that rate would have done so by mistake… yes anyone purchasing should do their research first, but sometimes people mess up. Selling at that price is kind of taking advantage of people who mess up. Hope your not broke like me and those were your last dollars… i do think that price should be closer to market price or removed from the website so peoe dont buy it mistake… since no one in their right mind would purchase it knowingly.


Because that’s the real price.


So safex market cap is $380 million?