Safex Development Update December 13, 2017


Don´t think so… I think its just because of the huge traffic caused by bittrex closing


i mean the rate on is 0.00000924 now :slight_smile:


Its on the front page of cryptopia tradeing on the safex page in pink.


Well this isn’t optimal:

Market Closing

Wallet is in maintenance, delisting and closing trading due to accusations that we are manipulating the market because we had to update the wallet due to a mandatory update from OMNI team

Not just a pause, they are de-listing. wtf!


Looks like they are angry about complaints


That makes no sense, why would they proceed with it in maintenance if they are now delisting! I complained about not being given a time scale of when the update would be complete not about market manipulation that was the McAfee effect and bittrex volume coming over not manipulation…


I sent a message for them asking about the delisting. I recently openned account there


Pissed because I think us (safex community) accused them abt manipulation because they never updated us. as a previous post said takex omni max 5 days to update.

Why link this with bitcoin highway in the first place why not have and use a safex blockchain and then chilli. cant one be made easy enough nowadays. especially with a team?


thinking may be it is good for us we are going out markets again with alpha and white paper go on dan!