Safex Development Update December 13, 2017


Yes the wallet is in maintanence it has been since about 5am GMT I also sent mine from bittrex over 23 hours ago and am on 3/20 and yet have well over 160 confirmations on blockchain explorer so it can only be due to cryptopia having the wallet in maintenance for whatever reason


Nice read, great analysis on the blockchain markets. Looking forward to what you have to say once beta is launched.

Off topic, are you back on Discord yet?


No sir/ma’am. I’m not even sure if I want to be at this point. Why don’t you guys/gals clean it out a bit more and let me know when I’m welcome again :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, working on the cleaning process. Today’s been a hell of a day. Starting to get a few Fudders.


I’d like to have a word with them fudders but… I guess the powers that be would rather I didn’t.


You’re unbanned. Welcome back my friend.


Not sure who you unbanned but it wasn’t me


Uhhhh… you’re SonicPoet on discord, right?


Yeah that’s me.


Thanks for the detailed answer Juan :smiley: !

When a member of community ask a difference between SAFEX and something else it’s not ment as negative, but just for someone to explain in detail the differnece.


They are now on wallet maintenance of omni protocol tokens which safex is one of. I have a deposit not even showing yet. And the site says its under “wallet mandatory Maintenance”


those Jerk offs at Bittrex cleared my trade history now I have to try to figure out how much I paid for my coins by downloading my trade history to note pad file… Those guys are dropping the ball over there


Anyone got a active Discord link for safex.


look at the spike today on cryptopia. I sold all my safex, got immediate BTC. then went on and used those BTC to rebuy safex. sure you pay multiple fees but at least the coins are with me.

as well, almost no one here has 100% on safex, so the fees paid are more than even-out by your other coin profit.


100% in Safex wallet and I have only ever put coins in, never out. Here for long run.


long term are here with me. cryptopia is fun for in and out and make a profit


I think that is not possible now :slight_smile:


How did u sell wallet is in main.


yeah i transferred almost all this morning and sold the remaining 5 minutes before the bad news
talk about luck!


Oh crap. cryptopia gone to

Market Closing
Wallet is in maintenance, closing trading due to the complaints and accusations