Safex Development Update - April 29, 2019

Could you please tell me the way how to convert my tradesatoshi safex coins to safex new tokens or cash which you have described. Could you please tell me the steps?

This links to a video from Dan

This is the video by SafexNews

This gives you a good grounding in the process

However, BTC txn fees have increased considerably in recent months. Iā€™d now recommend you move 300k sats of BTC to your Safex/Omni address to ensure you have sufficient. You can alsways remove any leftover BTC after the migration process is completed.


We need 4 USD bitcoin to migrate. If i click on Receive button then it shows only 1 addresss. I have installed safex wallet and bitcoin and safex balance are 0. there is only 1 address for receive so i am confused that this address will be used to receive safex coins from tradesatoshi exchange or will be used to receive bitcoin into safex wallet. please help

You can create several private keys (and therefore several public addresses) within the wallet. For the migration you only need the one address that you already have. You see the public address. Send 4 dollar in BTC to this address and send your SAFEX from Tradesatoshi to the same address. Then follow the steps from the migration video.

Reminder: Always back up your keys! This is important for both the old SAFEX key and the new SAFEX key that will get created in the migration process.


You mean i can use same receive address to receive bitcoin as well as safex coin from exchange?

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