Safex Developer Update August 7, 2017


Option 1 in the wallet should have a warning that the buyer must control the private key of the bitcoin address they provide, otherwise their SafeX will be lost.


You are doing a superb job! :muscle:t4:


Thanks you.


Awesome Keep up the good work !


Great job you guys! I noticed in one of the screenshots of the wallet somewhere that the word ‘Amount’ had an extra ‘M’ in it. Otherwise everything looks great!


Team made it back to home base in Belgrade after a great visit Safex related: to three countries this weekend.

Tomorrow is a big day for us as we are going to be addressing the deliverables to get them out to everyone.



Signed up just to up vote that comment.


We’re synchronizing our bitcoin node that will service the wallet, appreciate your patience as we get the wallet in a public usable state. We will be in touch as usual.

@safexhodler look forward to a collaborative conversation about the text in the upcoming days :+1:


Sounds Great!


Will the wallet eventually be hosted on the Chille Blockchain?


Excited to hear all the great news from the meetings.


Hello Safex,
I am new to crypto currency (3 months) and have a question, don’t know if this is the right place to ask, so I appologize on forehand if it’s not.
On the 8th and 9th I bought SAFEX (SEC) coins and added the coins to (my) Blockfolio.
SEC has 3 purple/white looks like arrows following SEC,
while SAFEX has 3 blue/white looks like waves following the name.
When I login at my wallet at Bittrex, it shows SAFEX with the blu/white waves and the coins I bought.
Since a few weeks when I look in (my) Blockfolio, I also don’t see the candlesticks anymore when I look at the details of SEC, it also lacks info on volume/change and bid/ask (all zeros there).
Strange thing is that it’s still updating the value of my SEC coins in Blockfolio.
Also when I look at the value of SEC and SAFEX, the first is worth 0,225 and the last 0,104.
I’m very confused and hope someone can please explain this to me and advise me what to do.
Many thanks in advance!!


Im not familiar with the blockfolio app, yet the SAFEX and SEC are the same coins, just different Ticker name from Bittrex.

They’ve always been SAFEX on cryptopia. Beginning of August Bittrex changed the symbol from SEC to SAFEX.


All of your SEC turned into SAFEX. So data for SEC ceased at that point and started with the new SAFEX data. Simply delete SEC from blockfolio after entering It’s information into your newly created SAFEX tab. This will give you all the accurate information about your SAFEX investment from now on. The indexing marker of safe exchange coin changed is all. It just requires you to manually update. Keep in mind blockfolio only knows what you tell it. You can refresh the coins in the + tab with the swirl.

This has to do with your chart theme. You changed it from default to modern since SEC changed to SAFEX. Since SEC hasn’t updated since then it’s default theme just stayed the same. So you basically have a snapshot of the last update from the market. If what I’m understanding is correct.


Thanks mr. J. and Daniel for your swift replies!

I still have two questions: when I bought SEC (now SAFEX) on the 8 & 9 of august, they costed € 0,16 which gradually grew to € 0,22.

SAFEX is worth half the price of SEC, namely € 0,10. Can you explain why this is and why SEC still updates in Blockfolio?

I thank you both (again) very kindly for your answers!

Henk Weijerstrass


The price right now is $0,011… actually it never grew to 0,22 but 0,022

The name change could have caused some people confusion, as well as our delayed wallet release, and some participants in the ICO from 1 year ago have taken profits.


Dear Daniel,

Again my thanks for your quick respons and I have to make my apologies to you.
It indeed never succeeded the € 0,022; I missed a comma!
,022 actually is 0,022, but because the ‘0’ lacks, I automatically read 0,22…
Lesson learned! I have to read better…
I also think I’m going to buy some more SAFEX…

Kind regards,

Henk Weijerstrass