SAFEX & Chille Promotional Materials #2


Here is the second batch for SAFEX and Chille promotional video .mp4 and .gif files. Turn up the volume to hear the sound!

You can download the .mp4 video files. Drop in any video editor to spice up promotional videos for the platform.

safex 4

safex 5

safex 6

chille 1

chille 2

chille 3

Here are the .gif files. Right click and save image as.

Hope you guys find these useful. Use the gifs on message boards and in chat. Use the video files in your videos. Spread the word about SAFEX and Chille!


@framelalife these are perfect and epic! :sunrise_over_mountains: now will be the tough choice which one to use first ;D

Thank you


@framelalife this is great! :sunglasses:


Thanks guys!