Safex Cash to be listed on CoinDeal Exchange


Well, after two weeks of effort from everyone in the community, we’ve won the CoinDeal vote contest!

This means that within the next four weeks Safex Cash will be listed on the exchange.

A quick summary of CoinDeal:

  • European based exchange with EUR/PLN/USD/GBP deposit/withdraw
  • Average between $10m to $15m trade volume a day (that’s over 55 x that of Trade Satoshi)
  • Very promising and growing exchange - Daniel recently visited their offices (Tweet)

Official announcement from CoinDeal -

Further commentary from Danel + Team wil be added.


Congrats to the community, dev team and all of you who participated!


Some people might be interested in their KYC requirements.


this proves community effort can get you pretty far :muscle:


Way to go Safex Community!


Great news, this is first of many more to come! :rocket:


Excellent news good job all.


Great to hear about CoinDeal. Which decentralized exchanges will Safex be on?


No one knows for sure, there have been some speculations about 2 more in the near future…but no official statement yet


Does anybody know when Safex Cash is going to be listed on CoinDeal?


Safex cash should be listed on coindeal by 16.11.2018 if not sooner


They quoted 3-4 weeks from the date we won the vote. So mid-November is the likely timeframe.


Big step for the Safex Cash. Thank you @TomDillon and @Rich.bate


Today is exactly 3 weeks after the announcement that it will be listed in max 4 weeks… So it should be before next Tuesday


Keep in mind the last set of listings were a little over 4 weeks (by about 2 days). So based on experience in the crypto world, don’t set your bets on a specific date and just wait for the official announcement.


Yes… dates and dedlaines in crypto. I think we are all aware how that works. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I won’t even trade. Just curious. :nerd_face:


Coindeal exchange Vote

Don’t forget the coindeal exchange listing. Voting is still on-going for Safex coin and Token


I’m voting right now!