Safex Cash / Safex Token logo suggestions


Simple and stylish.
They would work better reversed though.
Use the circle for cash (more like a coin) and the moon for Safex token.


Why not use the original logo as the safex cash logo with a ring around it

and use the big dot :new_moon: for the safex token logo


I like both options which may be necessary with the mono versions to be used for embossing / debossing onto tangible products ie. notebooks

The blue version is another option for printed matter or screen representation.


I like the token, its clean and bold. However, I think the Safex cash logo may need some rethinking. My thoughts are similar to the previous comments, seems too busy. Nice work tho!


I like the idea of the moon and fulll moon , the gold gives some prestige and elegance but reminds me more of golden credit cards… The safex cash logo will be outside of every shop window around the world saying safex cash accepted here! not to mention the platforms for online payments. So take your time cause this is huge .



Safex%20Cash%20Logo Safex%20Token%20Logo

Some proposals… Working with the wallet logo.


I think we need to distinguish token and cash, but also logos should resemble each other. I’m not a fan of this logos with letters, I think Nikola’s proposal is very good. It is subtle, but powerful and memorable.


36 36%20copy

Another idea, using the other wallet logo.



I think there should be text distinguishing Safex Cash from Safex Token and/or the logo’s should be easily distinguishable by someone totally new to the blockchain space. I also believe that the simpler the Cash design, the more likely people will see it as exchangeable currency. Logos for all fiat currencies, and Bitcoin have simple looking symbols/logos.


Small triangles are for a Concrete base, this was just for a laugh but its mine.:smile:



The Safex Token has two sails, with a circle surrounded by a moon.
The circle is the world, with the sails covering it. It’s to show that Safex is global. The moon indicates a goal to achieve and how Safex will forever push forward to achieve great things.



The Safex cash logo has two sails, but this time two rings. This is so show the transfer of one safex cash from one person to another.


Ha ha ha your the first to cop it


This logo is the best i seen for Safex, should definitely be considered


Well done, Kenny! Like them very much.


@dandabek I like that idea a lot, in reference to the ring around Safex Cash and the big dot for the Safex Token!

Some folks have advocated for the inclusion of words or letters, which is cool but then there is the problem of culture. Safex will be universal in scope so how could you fairly represent all the different languages and cultures?

Once the logos for Safex Cash and Safex Token become universally established it should become self evident.


Its silly to use letters or words since not everyone speaks English. Safex is supposed to be global…


Bit of a ill informed statement when Bitcoin is represented by the letter " B " and the whole global audience knows about that regardless if they speak english or not. Your point does not stand