SAFEX cash mining


True. Regardless it’s on there. If anyone wants the list then they can pm me and I will email it to them.


Hey bud. Im an Aussie. Haven’t mined until I started mining on the test net just a few days ago.

In terms of the rig, mine is very basic. I built an AMD rig for personal use 18 months ago with no intention to mine as it wasn’t on my radar.

I’ve since been running Ubuntu on a virtual machine over windows 10. My AMD FX6300 is mining on average about 30 Hashes/sec, while the net hash rate is about 600 h/s.

Since then, I was able to acquire another cheap machine from the local uni in Wollongong running an i7 3770k, 8gb ram and no video card. I plan on buying either an RX580 or a Vega 56 or Vega 64 as a (rather odd?) compromise to spending a silly amount of money buying over ten video cards and a 1200W PSU etc… I hold a sizeable amount of SAFEX token for a casual investor, but wanted to actually get involved in the upkeep of the blockchain and I saw mining the Safex coin a viable way to participate and get rewarded for my computing input (and small financial investment for GPU and electricity).

I suppose a brief summary is required of the two setups I’ll have mining is in order (iI’m omitting the motherboard info for brevity as it plays no part as far as I’m aware).

System 1:
AMD 6300 Black (6 cores)
650 W PSU
8gb RAM
Gigabyte Radeon R7 250 (2GB)

System 2:
Intel i7 3770k (4 cores)
750 W PSU
8gb RAM
AMD RX580 / Vega 56 / Vega 64

As it stands, due to the lack of wifi adaptor in the university-procured machine, I’ll need to buy one of those. So I just need the 750W PSU, WIFI adaptor and the GPU. I’ve got over $1k to spend, but I’m really trying to uncover the best possible value for that GPU purchase. I’m looking for longevity, so I’m leaning towards the Vega 56 mainly because the jump in performance from the RX580 to the Vega 56 appears greater than the jump from Vega 56 to 64.


Thanks for the info mate I really appreciate it all from
Everyone… I spent my life playing with cars and motors so all this is new to me but I want to learn and get into mining,…

What do everyone think of the ant miners are they able to mine safe they seem on the cheaper side but I don’t know anything about them


Blockchain will be ASIC resistant. No Antminers will work on it.


Great! Can you tell me how much i could mine safex cash via 8x vega 64 :+1:


Look on

Use cryptonite ver 7 and choose your cards. It will tell you the hashrate. Then go to discord and click on mining thread.

Type in .mining and total hash rate, it will give u estimated payouts


Excellent resource. How do we input CPU ability to hash? You mentioned just the GPU hashrates.



Mate i can not find mining on discord. Can you tell me Here…my rig give me Real 13500h/s. How much a day/month i could mine safex cash. Thanks


Says $6,000.00 per year.


I dont think that site does CPU. You can always see what the hash rate is on monero for your CPU and just add it


Have u joined the Safex Discord Channel?


Who is prepared for mining Safex Cash? I can’t wait to turn on ten rigs. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


we can mining it on our computer? is it like with monero? when we can expect this application that enable to mining Safex Cash?


When main net is launched later this month


Hope we still on track to Manucho this month


I have a feeling it’s close. I been watching Twitter and Discord. Lot happening this week.


Safex team restarted blockchain today. They are almost done! :man_mechanic::man_technologist:


I really hope so.


Even the chief economist tweeted about mainnet!

I'm so excited about #safex mainnet release! 🚀 🚀🚀@safe_exchange @dandabek @EmiYummy @fatbirdsdontfly

— Ivana Tudor (@ivanatudor) August 24, 2018

And this is my reaction :sunglasses: