SAFEX cash mining


Look at the mining page on Discord. I pinned a mining list on there 2 weeks ago


Thank you!


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As I’m interesting to mine Safex but have never done it before on any other coin, can you tell me what the minimum specs should have PC to run CPU mining and will the mining uses a lot of internet as I would build it in my work place without noticed them??


Doesnt use much network. Right now you have to compile the code in Linux. You need about 2GB per CPU core to compile if your doing it VM software. If you doing it on straight linux box you dont need that much.

To mine it you just start the blockchain in one window and start the wallet cli in another. Not much to it.

Search YouTube for Rich video on compiling and mining. Everything u need is in those videos.


Thanks for answer much appriciatw, will do as advised.


Your welcome. If you need anymore you can message me. Or you can pretty much find all the answers on Discord channels. Most of us use that now instead of the forum.


hi guys. im new here :slight_smile: tell me please those mining will be on cryptonight v7?


Yes version 7


And when it will be ready for mining ? My rig is ready :+1::+1::+1:


Live mining will take place in August sometime no set date; but definitely within August;



Here a link on how to set up VPS mining for safex cash, if anyone interested. 2 parts.


Anyone know a rough cost to set up a mining rig for safex


Basic pc around 450.00. Then the cost of cards. Shopping list is on the Disord Mining page pinned messages


That sounds better I’ve been quoted $13000-$15000 aud , I’ll keep looking around thanks


asus mining expert 99 eur,8gb ram 70,ssd 30, risers 5 from alibaba, good psu 100-500 depends on setup gpu count is the only variable.


Looking like 13-15grand is robbery by the sound of things I’ll keep looking around I just want to be apart of the safex mining I’ve been a holder for so long now…
Any miners on here from Australia that can help me get set up


Check in the discord mining section. I gave the same list to Mancouch on there. I think he got all his stuff from Amazon.


Not everyone uses discord and some refuse to.