SAFEX cash mining


Will SAFEX cash mining be available for CPU? Or GPU only?


Cryptonight can be CPU mined, as far as I know.


I haven’t looked. I want to set my rig up as soon as they release the mining. Don’t have a gpu yet. Was just wondering if I bought a pair if they needed to be AMD or NVIDIA


From Dan’s Q&A (SafexNews):

Q1 – Do you have any technical details about the new mining algorithm?

A1 – The mining algorithm we will be using is CryptoNight, similar to Monero. It will be CPU and GPU friendly and has 1 minute blocks.


Thanks for that. I will download that setup when I get home.


And just go ahead and trade all my XRP for SAFEX


Best video card to purchase for Cryptonight mining setup?


Cryptonight asic miners are coming, i don’t like this :sob:


Will there be a premining period before the full launch of the new blockchain?


No, the launch will be well publicized and will begin with a genesis block

There will be no prerelease mining taking place


Gotcha. Thanks for the info


Is an AntMiner X3 the right “thing” for mining Safex Cash?


I think they are trying go make the blockchain asic resistant