Safex Cash and exchanges


Hello everyone, first off let me state that I know that this project is a long term project. I knew that when I invested. I have faith that the SafeX team will accomplish what they have set out to do.

I don’t always have time to keep up to speed on what is going on with the development and was wondering if there was plans for SafeX cash to be listed on anymore exchanges other than Coindeal. It seems to me some sort of monetary value has to come before anything else. As I stated I know this is a WIP and I am not looking for a quick buck. I plan on using the Marketplace once it is up and running.

I have been mining Safex, not anything on a major scale yet. I am seeing a lot of fluctuation in the Hash power of the network which I believe will be solved once this Token hit’s exchanges. I am trying to keep SafeX up in what social media platforms that I use and there really isn’t a whole lot of people that have even heard of the Marketplace let alone on the mining aspect of Safex. I believe in this project and want to see it do well.

Anyway that’s my two cents and was hoping for some input on the state of where Safex is at along the lines of being listed.


Be patient my friend, safex is a long way from being listed on a major exchange but you can be assured it will succeed


Thanks for leaving your comment @Saf3Xone; we just launched the blockchain just less than 6 weeks ago. We have one exchange on deck and a couple more to follow up with in progress for listing.

This should turn out to be a great result (assuming we win the coindeal voting)

In comparison to one small exchange with the old coin; this is a fantastic foot forward.


I’m happy to announce Safex Cash will be implemented on cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinDeal within 4 weeks.


Great things are happening! Thanks to everyone who made this possible! :trophy: