SAFEX cannot be transferred from Bittrex


I’m not able to transfer my SAFEX coin from Bittrex to the wallet. Need help


You will have to contact Bittrex directly. We have no control over their withdrawal process.


But can I transfer my SAFEX coin to SAFEX wallet?


Yes the process is suppose to do that, but Unfortunatly Bittrex delisted Safex so its now a matter for you to take up with the exchange , Safex cannot be held responsible for that !


Yes the latest Safex wallet can hold your Safe Exchange Coins.

When you install the wallet and create an account it will generate you an address to send to.


If you still have withdraw issues just file a support ticket at:


Just keep in mind you have until Midnight today to do the withdrawal before they close the wallet.


Witch address are you using ?

The one that starts with safex ?


31st and withdrawals still ongoing on bittrex, :thinking:


Bittrex will be using USA time. and may use 6-9am the next day instead of midnight. You know do the process of closing down the wallet the day after the cut off time. In other words do it during business hours the next day


Keep in mind that Bittrex do allow up to 14 days AFTER delisting for extreme circumstances… but this requires raising a ticket rather than using the withdrawal system.

I think this is in their delisting T&Cs somewhere.


Heres hoping for all those who have their coins stuck on there to hopelly get them off !


bumping this back up to the top, in case you’re on bittrex and looking for answers ^^