Safex Buy-Back Program


Ideally you can Hodl until liquidity returns; endorsing the exchange means nothing at this stage if quality of service is low; and user experience is lacking. Yet people reliably want to acquire coin before launch of the blockchain, this is normal. You can go shouting as much as you want and eventually the price will reach more than 400 satoshi, then what?

What a waste of breath and time you’re making right now.


I think you misunderstood my concerns. It has nothing to do about when the price reaches xxx amount of sats or endorsing ts specifically. It’s more about how there is a buy back at 180 sats and you’re selling at 400. I don’t think questions of concern are a waste of breath, but it’s interesting you think that. I was just curious about the whole thing because as an outsider it looks like you’re doubling your money through newbs. I think you forget that you have more information than the rest of us. What’s perfectly clear and understandable to you may not be for those of us without your knowledge.