Safex Buy-Back Program


i am selling under market price, pm


This is still working? Got $2mil for sale.


You can fill out this form, offer 180 satoshi.


Minimum 100,000 safex? Wow.


If you have less than that feel free to trade out on, since the logistical cost to make a trade for anything less than 100k is very high.


Wow, that’s bullish

Did all people have their tokens purchased in buy-back v1?


not everyone who submit adhered to the guidelines


I have quiet a few safex and have help for 7-8 months now since it was listed on coin spot in Australia, what’s the current $ value for say 100k safex


safex/btc is between 190 and 199 sats
BTC is around 7150

so 7150 x 0.00000190 =


Approx $0.013585 and 100k safex approx $1300 wow that’s disappointing to say the least lost approx $4k per 100k safex, well done safex team might as well go down with the ship now and keep them, last quarter 2017 it was all going to explode in 2018. Very disappointing


If you look at the project as purely a money making exercise then you might have a point. But you can also be saying this about many coins and how their price has dropped from 4 months ago. And yes the hype by the pumpers and dumpers and also by the super eager new investors did make it sound like it was going to be explosive, but to those of us holding this is just par of the course to see prices rise and drop before the final product is released.

But this is not a money making project but one to build a decentralised market place that will be earning you safex cash as part of being a safex coin owner.


Truly, I am in Safex to use cryptocurrency; I would prefer never bother what is my USD exchange rate but only how many products are available for sale in exchange for Safex Cash.

Nonetheless the buyback is still open.


@dandabek, goddam it, stop try to buy my share in this! lol


Sounds like you bought at an all time high and now upset you lost money when the whole crypto market is down? That’s not a project issue that’s an investor issue my friend relax. With a little research you would’ve found everything is fine according to timeline asside from an exchange listing on delayed do to wallet integration and at no fault to the Safex team. I’m really pretty certain you’ve made no money on any coin if you have came in at the time I assume you came in as you have “lost 4k” (your profile also mentions you as a member since December 9 and was a terrible time to come in). Just hold we still have a lot of 2018 and things aren’t even started yet. Future tip, whining on your loses on a forum will never really improve anything. it is better to ask questions politely and better inform yourself to better improve your success in a very volatile market both up and down.


Yeah I did buy in when the price was going up along with many other people and would of got out before the crash and brought back in as I did with my other crypto currencies… but most people were stuck with safex cause it was delisted from exchanges and could not sell at that time to re buy at a lower rate unfortunately, safex for a short time had no exit plan for holders users, such is life no point in selling them now when where at the pretty much bottom of the cycle that would be pretty silly, I was talking AUD $ so it’s a little less then USD but still up there compared to today’s value of safex…
Everyone was talking about the airport in first quarter 2018 and a huge year for safex development ect that’s why I brought in


You sell the $2mil if not what you want??


300sat. Let me know if interested


Please fill out the updated document, remember that the minimum is 100,000 safex


How can you offer 180 sats when on you’re offering it for sale at 400 sats? Why don’t you inform people they can sell at TS on your update videos? It appears that you’re buying at 180 and charging newbies x2 market value and then buying back double on the buyback. I understand people don’t have to do this, but at least putting that information out there would be helpful.


Ideally you can Hodl until liquidity returns; endorsing the exchange means nothing at this stage if quality of service is low; and user experience is lacking. Yet people reliably want to acquire coin before launch of the blockchain, this is normal. You can go shouting as much as you want and eventually the price will reach more than 400 satoshi, then what?

What a waste of breath and time you’re making right now.