Safex blue paper


Where will the blue paper be avaliable first . Website ,Twitter ,Forum ?


Most likely Twitter and discord then here


Just set a notification for Dan’s posts on Twitter and you should be good


Thanks man will do


itll be released on website update

and of course the link reposted to forum/twitter/reddit/etc


Keep it up big boss!


Just bought more Safex from the website :sunglasses:
TO THE MOOOOON!!! :rocket::rocket::rocket:


long time holders are the winners i say holdl holdl get some more:thinking:

  • reading version of blue paper
  • and video that sum up the most important issues from blue paper


I like the way how she explains about all steps in videos! Everybody can easily start to use wallet!




I think Emilia (marketing director) is really good in making videos. Maybe she can also make some updates regarding releases? We want more videos on safex channel! :flying_saucer:


Yes she is. I saw. How can we contact her?