Safex Blue Paper on Sunday


So that’s why. I just think there should be room for anyone in Discord, I was not attacking anyone, just being critical to the over-charging from Cryptopia.


What’s your Discord name on which you were banned?




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I’ve been a large holder for months, and I was banned also, and every discord invite dosent work. Funkatron

I was banned for merely asking what happened with cryptopia on the day of the B’s. Plz unbann me as well. I was around from slack days


Hi @dandabek great work by the team! I have a few questions hope you can answer :slight_smile:

1. Performing a lock in or unlock transaction will cost 1
Safex Token which is burned. Establishing a Title Market burns 200 Safex tokens and creating an account 2 tokens. Does this mean that in time, all SafeX tokens will be burned?

2. Incentives are established from charging a 5% marketplace fee. Is this fee variable and if so, what factors will alter it?

3. 0.5% of the money supply or 5 million coins will be obtainable by the holders of Safex Tokens during the start of the Safex Blockchain. How are these coins ‘obtained’ by the holders? Distributed evenly among holders or do they need to work or perform actions to redeem them?

4. Proof of Work Mining will used the CryptoNight algorithm. Why is it unrealistic to think that hardware manufacturers will build ASICs for Safex Cash?

Thank you :muscle::australia:


Regarding #3, it said the 5m Safex cash coins would be airdropped to holders of Safex tokens. The only thing you have to do is convert your existing tokens from the bitcoin blockchain to the Safex blockchain once it’s online. I would assume the amount of coins you receive is proportional to the percentage of outstanding Safex tokens you own and convert to the new blockchain.


I’ll be reading through the blue page a few more times, I am just curious about the timeframe that all this will happen in. And I’m guessing they will come out with more information soon. Mostly want to know more about how the coin burn I’m new to all of this.


Did I miss a verified link to the bluepaper. I am wary of a random link posted. So if someone who has read it can post the link, please do.


hI @jsmith41177
Can you just explain more in detail, how do you do that particular action…to change your tokens from bitcoin blockchain to the safex blockchain?



Well, it was posted by Dan on discord so I guess it’s legitimate. however, I expect an official release with the website launch soon.


There aren’t details on how to do this yet. As it gets closer to when the blockchain goes live they’ll provide instructions for all the SafeX holders.

  1. Those are one time actions, only a small portion will be burned


Thanks muchly. The only other link I saw was a shortened URL and you can never be sure about those. Might get to actual link, but via another infecting site.


Hi Rob… the links on the website homepage at the moment. Heres the link:


And thankyou muchly


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