Safex Blue Paper on Sunday


Lets celebrate. Party time :fireworks:


make that $.12c!


Can’t wait to see it! :man_dancing:


Just #HODL guys!
Soon they will be begging Dan to enlist Safex on their exchanges


It would be a good thing to have whole economic part in details if not on the paper, then on a separate doc :grin:


Go BluePapaer!


Is the Blue Paper Out?


I’m looking forward to the green paper.

Benjamin’s !!!




Edit: official link to DL the Safex Blue Paper will soon be made available.


It’s a great read, just finished it. Longer and more detailed then I expected. :rocket::rocket::rocket:


It said the block size is dynamic, is that enough to keep fees low?

Is the emission curve structured differently than Bitcoin that enough miners will want to mine Safex Cash, keeping the transaction cost and speed low?

Also how can people buy Safex Cash in the future? Will it be available for exchanging with fiat?


So it’s realeased to a select few before the public?
Not cool…


Hi, it was not released to “select few”, it was shared on Safex Discord that is open to everyone.

Website is being updated and Blue Paper will also be available there.


Discord is not open to everyone. Been posted expired invites since 22nd of December. No one makes an effort to post a valid link…


This one should be ok:

Let me know if its not.


The instant invite is invalid or has expired

Thanks though :slight_smile:


Here’s a fresh one directly from one of the mods:

I tested it myself, it works.


Thanks Boris,
Maybe I am on a blacklist of some sort, because this one doesn’t work either. Can you check again?

EDIT: I was critical to the fact that Cryptopia charges 1500 safex for a withdrawal and that got me kicked out.


Link is ok, I’ve just left Safex Discord and rejoined using the link.

Were you banned from Discord on any of your accounts?