Safex Blue Paper on Sunday


Greetings, this is an announcement that the Safex Blue Paper to be released on Sunday January 14, 2018


Thanks! Looking forward to it!


So thats instead of whitepaper?


will be no.1


Carnt wait SafeX No:1


What’s a blue paper? I’ve only ever heard of a white paper. Will there also be a white paper?


What’s is the white/blue paper exactly !?


Its the same thing… they are just calling it blue paper because blue is synonymous with safex. A whitepaper (or in this case blue paper) is an in depth overview of the plans and operations of the project… which would elaborate on some of the more technical side of things.


Sweet can’t wait! Price of safex is 0.054 right now it went up by 50% already !! Can’t wait for bluepapers where can I find the bluepapers


Holy smokes. Ok, so this is big. Thank you for the answer. I have a lot of faith in this development team and this entire project!!!


Yeah so do i! Safex has a lot of substance! I assume the bluepaper will be available on the website on sunday.


I could be wrong but believe blue paper is more a technical analysis. White paper the project outline. Being a market and a new blockchain, the blue paper should outline “Chile” and the blockchain. The white paper should outline the marketplace, affiliate program, and dare I say “dividends”, this is not common practice for all cryptos due to no one tackling both a marketplace (or use of the coin) and new blockchain simultaneously and most building off the Bitcoin network. The blue paper should outline the difference of our Network capability, proof, and scalability over other blockchains


The blue paper Dan linked was co-signed by Ivana, the project’s Chief Economist. So I would expect the paper to have wider content than the technical specs of the new blockchain etc… But we shall see. :slight_smile:


Cool I hope so


Keep up the great work dan!! Can’t wait to see all your plans for the future, so far, amazing! Your YouTube updates are great! Safex NEW HIGH 0.081! Let’s make Safex the next Bitcoin! :rocket::rocket::rocket:


That’s just awesome!


So proud of safex team! :muscle:


I just wonder what the Safex price would be if it was traded on a decent exchange!


Between 10 and 20 cents


We’ll see soon enough. Safex is becoming too much a thing for the exchanges to ignore.