SAFEX - $0.50c


At $2 some of us would be multi millionaires… Dan please make us multi millionaires.


I wont be but with my 40k holdings i would be closer to being a millionaire than i am today haha!


If it goes to $1 here comes retirement. :smiley:


I hope we get dividends before then tho so I can stock up on all the safex I can using the proceeds from my current safex


Guys please explain how the dividends will work.
Let’s imagine that for simplicity the example is 100,000 safex 1 billion market cap

#181 <-- scroll down to the dividends calculator and it will count for ya :slight_smile:


Nice one, thank you


Nice work with the calculator, guys. BTW. Really helps put things into perspective. :slight_smile:


We are still in early stages of SAFEX. It is a fact that SAFEX represents a philosophy as much as an investment. Supporting safex we support a) a potential at all of us early birds earning money for our loyalty b) an idea of a free market that well benefit anyone who uses it.


Is this the first time in a long time Safex has been above 1 cent?


It’s still a bit disappointing because it’s due to the BTC run.

It’s still around 110 sat. But I’m sure it’s just accumulating rocket fuel, getting ready for the 2018 blast off.

Lots of exciting things coming up. Voting, new site, blockchain testing, PR, affiliate etc.


I think so. It was briefly for a day around the fork I think.

I think the pst few hours are a pump though we’ll probably get back down to 100 satoshis soon - unless this is a prebuy for a orchestrated pump when the Alpha/coming updates are launched.


lol pump. The reason for the price is quite obvious. Have you noticed the Bitcoin pump? Safex price doesnt change in sats but only in dollars, therefore there is NO MOVEMENT in safex right now


Safex was about to move from sat 110ish and touched 145 before the 60M sellwall was created. Still 34M to go.


Great news that it went from 60M to 34M in such a short time. Hopefully it’s from people buying and not the seller changing the sell order.


On its way


indeed it is my friend!


We can hope after white paper and new website we go to 500 sats?


100U$ DEC.2018
go to the moon!!!


i realy hope fore $0.50 but first target for now is 200 sats