SAFEX - $0.50c


Is the downtrend based on the the recent Bitcoin Gold fork and upcoming Segwit2x fork?


In conjunction with a large SAFEX holder selling


Instead of purchasing BTC to acquire Safex on Bittrex, I am buying LTC which is really cheap at the moment - will buy more Safex with LTC Sales proceeds once it appreciates a bit. :slight_smile:

I :heart::heart::heart: current Safex price and it’ll possibly be a bit lower once my LTC appreciates, which means I will be able to hoard more.

If Safex appreciates, I’ll be happy as well since I am already a holder.


Lol Dan, no-one can ever question your enthusiasm, passion, and determination.
I’m a big fan but as you can see I like to question, to add a some perspective. I’ve seen many booms and busts, including the dot com boom 17 years ago. And yes there are many parallels with the Crypto boom I’m seeing now.
The biggest mistake most of us made was getting caught up in the hype and blindly following and investing good money after bad.

Just my thoughts…


While Safex price is decreasing in relation to USD, it’s important to keep in mind that as Bitcoin increases, the USD value of each Satoshi increases.

Buying Safex at 140 a week ago might be the same as buying Safex at 125 sats today.

Just because the value in Bitcoin decreases does not mean Safex’s value or USD value is. It could be stagnant (and in this case is also decreasing in conjunction with btcs increase).


Looks like we broke 100 sats, best thing to do is wait till all time low right before the Bitcoin fork & buy more. Maybe even like 50 sats?

Buy at 50 sats to reduce your average entry point.

Just need to weather the storm a bit, a bounce back to 200 sats by the end of the year is very possible.


When is the fork?


nov 16th i believe. Till then bulls are running wild i guess. I think we will survive, but as mentioned many times…do not put money into this that you can’t afford to lose.


Really hoping we go back to lower prices this week-end.


See link and you’ll understand why there must be an alternative market place like safe exchange. Most people don’t even realise how much privacy they don’t have anymore. (I don’t mind you know how much safex I have in my wallet, I just don’t want you to know who i am and where/what I spend my money on)


looking to snag those 100-and-below sales am I right? Again I’m holding off on buying up for now until its closer to the fork. If we’re lucky there’ll be more panic selling until then just for us :slight_smile:


Exactly! I bought LTC this week-end (find BTC too price at the moment) just to be able to buy Safex in bulk closer to the fork.


Do you use cryptopia to buy safex with LTC? The market there is way too thin. How do you manage?


Either Cyrptopia or Bittrex, whichever has the lower price.


Personally, I only deal with Bittrex.


Good luck guys!


anyone else feel like its the calm before the storm?,


Tis the life of a Safex hodler.


Would you say this prediction still remains accurate? We are patiently awaiting…like someone said earlier, seems like the calm before the storm.


I don’t think anyone can accurately predict the market at this point. I think even the Safex team would agree that the future of Safex depends on the execution of the project.

IMHO, cryptocurrency will only continue to gain a foothold on global commerce. In the next few decades (if not years)((, barring some apocalyptic event that takes down the internet)), we will see fiat shrink to near extinction and crypto will take over. I would trust Bitcoin over Bank of America any day of the week. Then again, that’s probably because some teller at Bank of America can lie to me, the blockchain inherently can’t. That’s the beauty of the technology we’re dealing with here.

Re: valuation… Amazon just as one example in the market is valued at the time of this post at about $544 billion. If Safex had that market valuation, it would be over $200 a coin. Consider the facts that Amazon started a mere 20 years ago, and Safex has a lot of logistical and technical advantages over Amazon, especially as technology improves. Also consider the fact that Safex coins can be lost much like other crypto currencies (which will only deflate the value), and that Amazon has to adhere to certain legal restrictions that Safex couldn’t even if it wanted to.

Right now, Safex has value because (imho smart) people are buying into the idea.

If it’s done right, or in other words the project is executed well, the sky is the fucking limit.

I’ve personally looked at particl, syscoin, bitbay, openbazaar… none of these projects IMHO seem to “get it right”. Their market cap isn’t that far from Safex, relatively speaking. To reiterate though… it’s not the market cap that’s going to win, it’s the execution.

I’ve been a software developer for over 20 years, and my bet is on Safex.