SAFEX - $0.50c


Just bought over 200,000 today


Not much is going to happen until alpha gets released, which is not until the end of the year. I won’t be surprised if it drops a little more until then.


Moon sooner than later.


Keep your eyes open when some announcement comes up and then the pumpers will come out of the wood work in force. We saw it just before the wallet release and will see it again.

A number of days ago someone claimed to have “bought” 1 million safex yet the price dropped a fair amount after that. Its these things that show a whale is wanting to sell and needs some support of buyers so they don’t lose too much.

My advice is to buy in small quantities and buy often. If people had heeded that advice when someone was pumping at 300 then those people would have gotten at least 50% more safex for their BTC. But if they had listened to that seller saying buy buy buy at 300 then they missed out


I think actors and investors have not really realized the potential of all this just yet.

50 cents for Safex is a conservative estimate.

142 sats is just silly and believe me we’ll be laughing soon.

Also it is important to note that since the Chille coin will be used to purchase services and goods on the marketplace it will probably have a Velocity (Value of transactions / supply of money) much higher than a lot of coins out there - that will play a huge part in that coin’s valuation.

I hope in 2018 we’ll see more adoption, more brick and mortar businesses accepting Safex and listing on the marketplace and a few marketplace pilots conducted in a variety of industries :slight_smile:


What a sorry state , where is the wallet update that was planned for Wed/Thurs?

Dans twitter announcement this that Milan was fired… "His communication must not be trusted"
Reading between the line this statement worries me, does this mean Milan will be openly canning the Safex project?


Well, sometimes ex-employees do sabotage Ops of the companies they leave, out of spite.

This is what Dan seems to be warning us about in this tweet.

As for the wallet update, the ideal is to be on spec, on time and on budget but sometimes things happen - I’m certain they are working diligently on the update.


It seems the risk profile for Safex just increased.
Don’t underestimate the ‘disruption’ this will cause to a project that is being developed by a small team, and now will have one of their own working against them.


It looks like there are changes to the Safex Team. The site doesn’t even list the team anymore. This could be a good thing. IMO Safex is under marketed. It reads like a wonderful project with alot of potential but the word isn’t getting out. With the amount of money invested in the project, a professional PR firm and graphic designers for the Logos seems appropriate. It is too big a project for one guy to be marketing it and one guy copying Coca Cola logos.


I understand that some people are concerned regarding recent changes to the team. However there is a flipside to this situation, as you know. I for one am excited to hear that HQ hired a professional PR firm to get the word out. That is a huge positive.

Besides, which company out there doesn’t have staffing changes or issues? Remember Google, a few weeks ago? Staff members coming and going is completely normal and actually good for a business, since new staff members bring in with them expertise and knowledge.

So what people perceive as a negative is actually a positive.

In addition, Dan mentionned the website would be getting a complete overhaul + rolling out of Chille + wallet update + Affiliate program on its way.

Therefore that is why I believe Safex’s risk profile has increased only momentarily (hours) but if you take a step back and consider what is happening at Safex as a whole their risk profile is actually much lower and the perception of reward (Chille Dividends) higher.


Hi Dan,

Can you please clarify the nature of the dispute with Milan.

Does/did he have access to information central to the Safex business?

It just seems like there is more to this than just an employee goofing off at the beach instead of working…


I think it may take a bit longer than that to be honest. With the exception of this community and people who are in crypto, NO ONE knows what SAFEX is. Have any of you downloaded SYSCOINS blockmarket? It’s been out for a little while now, and when you go on there to purchase things there’s like nothing on there to buy with the exception of some viagra, old nintendo games, and some weird trinkets like lamps and such. It will take a long time before people learn about the SAFEX marketplace, and then a while for people to actually list things of value on there to the extent of an ebay or amazon. I really hope I am wrong, because I am a large HODLER, but let’s be realistic. Walk up to a random person and ask them if they’ve heard of Amazon, the answer is most likely yes. But most people haven’t even heard of cryptocurrency yet, let alone SAFEX. I was just at sushi the other day in California and people at the sushi bar didn’t know what cryptocurrency was :wink: we have a ways to go before adoption.


Worth more than $100? Are you serious???


buy buy buy I am hitting it hard this week…when people buy you sell and when people sell you buy…all of us will remember this opportunity and I will remember I went out on a limb and laughing all the way to the bitcoin bank.


Buy a little if you can afford it, there will be other buying opportunities for sure. Don’t go all in thinking this will moon overnight… think in years not days or weeks.


ya i’m not all for a big pump alls pumping does is give a coin a artificial price for a bit of time, we need real gains, slow and steady.


Broken below 120 sats, likely below 100 by tomorrow.
With the diminishing value and trading volumes what are the implications with Bittrex, will we get delisted? I believe that nearly happen last time safex was 50 sats.


Safex is in a great place right now, loving what it’s doing.

BTC is making brand new highs on recent news however we are due for a fresh influx of institutional funds and smart money will not buy those highs.

I wouldn’t worry much about Bittrex taking steps to delist Safex. All Alts are bleeding at the moment.


That’s some outrageous fud. As soon as BTC goes into it’s downtrend for the next two years. SAFEX will be taking over with every other crypto coin in the rearview mirror.


They will all bounce back after the 2x split.