SAFEX - $0.50c


A man with a plan!


If your dreams don’t scare you. They arn’t BIG enough. :wink:


I have that quote on my wall. :slight_smile:


Is there a correlation between the (mining difficulty) and the (mining reward)?

For example…

If the mining difficulty goes up it means there are more miners and therefore the mining reward increases. The mining difficulty is a great way to measure Network expansion/contraction, in terms of miner participation.


Will it be block-time based. After X blocks are mined, the reward increases automatically according to the “S” curve.

Either way, I think we are doing more to stabilize Chille’s fiat value and that lubricates trade in the marketplace.


Safex shot up to 0.06 usd today 10/4/17 at around 19:54 UTC (according to coinmarketcap), and held there for 5 minutes, Whats that about?


It was a pump on the Safex-Doge pair on Cryptopia. Bittrex didn’t even blink


When I look at coins with a MC belong 30 mln. Then Safex is in my top 3. I invested in SAFEX and QRL…
Long term…
If or when we will see $0.50c or higher, I do not known. But I believe in SAFEX and QRL.


when the moon gods looked into their crystal ball a temporary time rift was created


I don’t know what this means, but I’ll drink to it. Cheers!


I hope everybody is buying:) I have been buying for the last 3 days…would be nice if the price stays low a little longer so I can get more…


Agree, I added another 100, 000 yesterday. Lots to look forward to in the next 3 months re. Development Update earlier this week.
Safex will be getting a bit more attention…
Thinking possibly 3 to 4 cents by end of year.


I accidentally stumbled across safex in a youtube video a couple months back. New to the game I jumped on board not knowing what I was getting into… was only few weeks later when I started to understand the technology and take more interest in project and dev team. Seeing the recent drop does not bother me one bit. Those within this community all know shit is legit.


same with me, wish there were more safex videos and recent ones also. Best marketing out there right now!!


Dear Safex holders ,

Did you participate in the contest ?

About price prediction by new year

Go to … Other Topics
… Contest
… guess the price by New Year’s Eve
… if exact win 1000 Safex

Have a good one



$1 000 000 000 market cap in 1 year from now


Purchasing another 1 000 000 coins on Bittrex before it goes to 2.5 cents


I wanted to buy today but bittrex had my money locked for the bitcoin fork


Chille Blockchain is being worked on. Dividends are the best in the crypto game! What are you guys waiting for??!!


Yes Aston, I wish I were able to buy more Safex at this time!

I started out several months ago with a little over 100,000 Safex Coins and pushed hard to get to just over 1,000,000. I’m proud of that accomplishment!

There are other good coins out there, but they don’t have Mr. Daniel Dabek as their architect and CEO, nor his talented and dedicated team.

I’m looking forward to Chille and helping to make this Marketplace strong, vibrant and successful. I would say to the Safex Community and those looking to invest, I think if we can make Chille an exciting Marketplace it will surely succeed.

Mr. Dabek will deliver!


the price of the coin is awe-inspiring (
where is the bottom?