SAFEX - $0.50c


Value is clear to see. But the $ amount has so much factoring into it with the price of Bitcoin, Safex and Chille all converging together that anyone’s guess is as good as anothers.


In pure dollar terms the price of safex is irrelevant to the dollar amount of your dividend. For example, if the trading volume is 1 billion then the (assumed) 5% marketplace fee is $50 million. That 50 million is divided proportionally depending on your safex holdings. Nothing to do with value of safex


Yes, don’t know how much


Bit of an off topic thought, will you guys sell off your first round of Chille and trade it for BTC or more Safex? Or hold it in Chille, the option i’m heavily weighted towards.

Think of your ROI being 115% at the time of a $500m market and then selling that 115% ROI at the time of the market growing 10 fold to $5b or more! Imagine the value of Chille at that stage.


That’s a great question. I am tempted to buy more safex to increase future dividends, but if chille price increases faster than price of safex then it could be worth holding


Chille value may pop at release of the market due to small supply and possibly a great demand, then it will subside as the miners create an over supply. Meanwhile Safex will continuously grow as the market does and then when a certain point is reached of market trading and Chille should pop again. Hard to say really, this is my guess.


Yeah its all guessing games at this point it seems! I (as i said before) am a small holder with not many coins at all. (13 059) but i will try and acumulate as much as possible from what i earn mining Etherium. As soon as i am able to mine Chille i will swich my rig over to that. Very exciting :slight_smile:


I look to mine Chille, it should be very profitable.


I’ve never mined before. Is it easy to do?


In order to make a better guess you must see the economics delivered in the white paper. There will be a mining S curve, so in the beginning fewer chille will be available and as the network expands more chille becomes available. This will help keep a stable price on chille over time relative to usage.


you and me both, i believe in us.


I have a question about the mining Dan, Chille would use Cryptonight if i recall correctly. Is there a possibility that we as holders be invited to be amongst the first to mine?


it requires you to have a few high end GPU such as RX470/480 RX570/580 or GTX1060/1070 or equal in specifications, a motherboard that can handle all the GPUs at the same time. The setup took me a while and now i think its all very easy :slight_smile:

Important is though to know what the miner earns for you and how much power draw it has in order to make sense of it its profitable :slight_smile:


Wow that’s an intense rig! Chille will be cpu mineable which is nice


Yeah, CPU-mineable sure. But i have never gotten CPU mining to the point where its profitable :stuck_out_tongue:


lol i wonder if it’s possible to mine with gpu and cpu at the same time. honestly even if it’s at a short term loss, long term you will see gains that will heal your wounds


Yes its possible to mine with both your CPU and GPU at the same time.


Yes, if 100% of the fees collected are distributed to the safex holders what calculator is doing but in the following video, you mentioned 10% (My apology for quoting it wrong as 5%) of the transaction fees will be distributed. That means it will be $110 per year.


What I’m missing here or have we decided to distribute 100% of fees??


Dear all,

There is a CONTEST going on in OTHER TOPICS about Price prediction…

Its fun and the winner gets Safex 1000

Cheers to all


I don’t plan on taking profits before 2020 personally. Even then, only dividends that were earned. So my strategy is a little different being a miner. I was going to switch over my current rigs to Chille when the time came. But, I pushed my upgrade schedule instead of getting some new rigs in June. Based on the GTX 1070Ti release in Q4 this year. Just going to get as many as I can and dedicate them to the Chille network. Use my NEO Gas and NLC2 dividends to continue upgrading the mines. At first start with swapping 50% chille mining rewards for safex coin. Then slowly pulling back over 2 years until i’m holding 100% of the Chille I mine. It’s a little advantageous but basically I want my rigs to be responsible for 1% of the Chille network transactions. Hopefully become a citizen of Liberland by 2025, move the miners there and continue to help build network support.