SAFEX - $0.50c


I was following their developments recently and did realise that they released their schedule slightly behind their promise date. Now one may argue saying that it just shows that the Team has bad time management and isn’t able to work in tight schedules and meet datelines. However, the others may stress that it’s better for them to delay their wallet’s release date and work on all the bugs and glitches before releasing it to the mass public.

So yeah, i expected the price to rally up upon the release of their wallet but sadly, reality was different!

Now, I’m starting to feel that SAFEX was just another pump and dump coin!

Have been reading the forum too and seen people shoot for unrealistic Target Prices (TPs), such as $1 by the end of next year etc. Well i’m not saying that it can’t shoot always the way to $1. If it does go up to $1, i would be the happiest guy on the planet lol.

So my question right now is that who do you guys forecast such TP’s for SAFEX ?

Do you guys come up with such TPs derived from mathematical models or is it just pure speculation ?

I do understand that most cryptos are based on speculations of future prices though was keen to know who do you guys derive such TPs ?

Secondly, how different is SAFEX from other crypto’s ? I do know that SAFEX has a great team but doesn’t all the other top 100 crypto’s on coinmarketcap also have great teams, right ?

So how really is SafeX different from the rest ?

Thanks for your reply in advance guys!

Really hope it goes to $1 lol


I don’t think anyone can say for sure. It’s a very competitive environment with people behind their projects who are seriously working very hard to get a foothold. Most of these alts will disappear in coming years- just look at coinmarketcap’s historical tables- most of the top 50 just a few years ago have gone poof. People a lot more knowledgeable than I am seem to give SAFEX a decent chance of surviving and eventually finding at least a significant niche. I was going to sell off if it fell to 1 cent a coin but it got to .0101 and started coming back so I’m in at least until the end of 2017 and we’ll see if the altcoin boys are right about its 7-cent price by that time.


660k :grin:


If it hits 1 dollar I want chille logo on my tomb, no matter how it looks like !


As an early adopter of btc, how far do you see this going?


You mean to tell me you were in Bitcoin when it was $100? Wow. I wish I would have been in it that early on in the game. I really like Safex. Outside what it is capable of the development team is very friendly and they are here to answer any questions people might have. I did have Syscoin, their platform was easy to work with but when I had a question for the dev. He didn’t even reply until like 2 months later. This was early on when their platform didn’t have so many users,since from what I have heard since my experience, it has grown. but still, its not private. I want privacy and I’m sure others do as well, so that’s why I know Safex will succeed, it just has to much to offer. Also when MaidSafe is complete, and people begin to see the system working its truly going to be a game changer.


I don’t understand how that can be. I mean, I have heard of this happening to, but their are more Safex coins than Chille Coins so 1:1 ratio is not going to happen …


50 cents is coming before end of year!


Try and understand markets…
probably the most promising small cap between 100-200 list by cap. Great communication by CEO and team. A solid white paper. Best dividends of any small cap.
I understand everybody is trying to get rich quick, especially the Chinese but the big winners in this game are those who buy low, WAIT, and sell high.
An investment of $25 000 in Safex now… it’s like having invested in Apple in 2000


Off the top of my head at $10b market trades you’ll be rich holding instead of selling at all. Around $700kUSD yrly with a fee rate of 5% for listings. Then take into consideration future growth of the market and the price rise of Chille due to supply/demand :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: hey hey


I am now a little confused. I thought that the safex holders collectively only got a portion of the fees and not the whole of the fees. Some of the fees were to go to further development and some elsewhere (forgot)


I think those specifics will be in the upcoming purple paper.

Good call, been staking NLC2 since June. Great communication with Rafael and his team.


You are right. Dan mentioned 5% of the fees will be distributed to safex holders.

at that rate, 500 mil trade volume etc and 100,000 holding should get you around $65 a year…


If I remember correctly that actual percentage was not finalised and could be a bit higher than that 5% you mentioned.


Actually according to the calculator a 100k holding at 500m volume and 5% rate would net you 1100$ per year.


isnt that also based on todays value of Safe Exchange Coin? If the value would increase to lets say $1 wouldnt the annual yield also go up by alot?

(im not really good with numbers but i see some logic in it)


@Bredell when the dividend is payed out to you in a sum of Chille coin, the Chille coins value will either go up or down the following days. I know this example isn’t related to the value of Safex, but, it goes the same. So knowing this the market cap box on the dividend calculator is just to calculate what your holding in Safex is worth or to see how much ROI you will receive if you buy in at that particular market cap (Safex buy in price).

To elaborate, if you were to buy in now, your ROI % in a year would be greater than if you bought in when the marketcap is higher than what it is now.

The ROI is in the form of dividends. The calculator assume you are not selling your Safex for profit and are
holding for the dividends.


Oh alright. Though i already bought in :stuck_out_tongue: Not in the millions some people have but im here and excited!


No, I think the fee is 5%, ALL of which is distributed to safex holders.


@znffal I don’t think the fee rate is confirmed, however; the calculator does show that all fees are going to Safex holders. Queuing miner question… 1…2…3… : Miners get their block reward.