SAFEX - $0.50c


The Sell walls are insane.


Exactly. Chille is the secret sauce. Safex coins ensure your place at the table, voting, dividends, etc. The Chille coin will only have a 21M distribution total. That’s the real value.


100% accurate.
Wallet version .2 this week. Once Dan and team are focused on Chille and they break news of progress, this coin will have a $100 million market cap so quickly people will miss it. This is tripling its cap in a matter of hours.


@aston … Nice to think that will happen. But we’ve much to see yet.


Just wish we had more info on Chille? Ether based? Iota based? unique? we should at least know this much or some link you can provide me ?


Chillie will be its OWN blockchain. Its in the forum. Search on “user:dandabek chillie”.

The answers are there


I respect this video a lot. Guess who’s a top 10 long term holder at 8% portfolio value!



Check out DanDabek on twitter. Just published they are hiring developers! To work on Chille block chain ? Hmmmm…


Hiring devs now would almost seem obvious. Want to see the devs previous work or an interview at least. Want to know more about thr market makers and road map with a clear foot path to mass adoption


Hiring devs would help meet deadlines or even earlier


As i said… Foot steps on a clear path way to mass adoption on the road map.

Lets see what our new devs bring to the table… Want to see clear objectives to be on 5 major exchanges and want to see a clear path to purchasing SAFEX on high traffic websites and platforms…

We need to get SAFEX into the hands of our target market / user base. Bottom Line.


Good points. Step 1 hire your team. Once capacity/efficiency is gauged they must provide objectives and how they will meet them. Updated white paper along with a clear path with soft dates should be very clear to the team and the share holders/investors.



Safex can look to blockcat as a potential door way and soft partners in the late future


Coin submition link for Poloniex


Always follow DataDash on YouTube! Great post! Great analysis!


Hey, So i was pretty fascinated with SAFEX’s project and bought in at around USD 0.20 and it’s pretty sad to see my investment with SafeX falling by almost 50% as it’s trading around USD0.011 currently. Bought over 100,000coins!

What is everyone’s realistic prediction for the end of this year ?

Anyway of it at least going above USD 0.02 ?

#59 likes it for the long term. They forecast it to be a 7 cents by the end of the year. One encouraging sign is that the SAFEX team are obviously working their butts off, and they’re pretty good at updates and communication. I’m in for 108,000 myself and it would have to rise to 2.5 cents for me to break even taking into account the .5 BTC I used to buy them with. Bottom line: I’ll wait, until at least the end of the year. I’m cautiously optimistic. Dabek seems like an honest guy with a lot of passion for his brainchild.


I wish I had 100K safex! Surely hold until the blockchain is released. Plus as far as I understand there will be Chille given to safex holders. Seems like a good reason to hold, and hope that it will go to 0.2 +


We need details on chille blockchain. Otherwise it’s gonna stay stagnant.