SAFEX - $0.50c


25 cent at end off the years


Very good question. I’m going to have to agree that the 2 currencies are of the same family, however, they both present different values and systems of measurements. I believe the Chillie coins will be of more value do to the amount of SAFEX transactions needed to produce and distribute Chillie Coins.

This question needs a more informed opinion from with the SAFEX team. I see Chillie coin as a 5 :1 comparison, example 5 Safex = 1 Chillie.

These numbers are just an example and i feel that both SAFEX & Chille will be recognized by the same vendor or person using it as viable and valuable.


SAFEX’s max supply is huge, so think again before you predict 3, 4 or 5$.

Chille is what we need.


No you won’t lose your Chillecoins. They are 2 different things. SAFEX is like an Asset of the project and Chillecoin will be the currency or “GAS”.


What neurolicious said: I remember a Discord Q&A with Dan and he stated that they’d basically turn into one another. SAFEX is like the investment coin for now and, once Chille comes out, SAFEX turns into Chille coins (probably not 1:1, and he didn’t go into detail as to how that change will work). At that point, you can use Chille coins to post sales, buy things on the marketplace, and also earn dividends from transactions on that marketplace.

Definitely holding long term as well, project seems insanely interesting and so do the team members running the show. Good luck and looking forward to seeing the end product soon!


That would be extremely odd. How can an ASSET change into Currency? If that happens it’s extremely odd and never seen before thing.


silver is today only an industrial asset
in earlier times it was an asset and a currency, both at the same time
so it is very old already


you got it


Hi, new to Crypto, new to Safex. I bought in a small amount (all I can afford) but am looking forward to the long term potential of the coin + Chille project. Is 50c likely for Safex in the next few years? That would put market cap at like 1 billion USD. I guess the value of safex and chillecoin will be determined by who they can convince to trade on the platform.
Good luck to us all and see you around the forums.


I believe it will go up because of the crypto craze alone… Tons of people invest without even knowing wtf the project is. They just Wana getting rich quick. Alot of money will pour into crypto in 2018, especially cheap altcoins. I believe alot of early investors will be very happy by end of next year.imo


I think that is one confusing thing when first getting into Crypto, that you don’t have to but a whole bitcoin/altcoin. Hence the desire to look at the cheaper options.


Btw your chille coin is freaking awesome lol


I would like to learn about the team players. Where is the best place to go to.


This coin needs to find a home, a high traffic website which hosts ecommerce, an integration of the technology coupled with policy would seriously drive the value. An approach to volume is probably the best outcome and achieved by traffic and usage.


I listened to this interview today.

The concept to use Safex coins in lieu of Chille coins to make transactions wasn’t actually his. It was a moderators. It resonated with him however and seemed to take him by suprise. This did give me some pause.

He mentions that his motivation for wealth creation for himself (like us) is embedded in the Safex coin.

Probably there will be a conversion factor to exchange coins?

Also dont forget we will be airdropped Chille coins initially for holding Safex coins. Then dividends may be paid in one or the other coins?

All this needs to be explained to us better.


Do we have to have a minimum number of Safex to get Chille coins like this? Or is it a simple ratio?


All investors should listen to the youtube video. I streamed it while driving. No real visuals to look at. Learned a lot and very importantly got a feel for our main man, Dan. Seems like a bright ambitious young man with high aspirations (as well he should). I like investing my money based on leadership and management. I think he may take as far.

Now to answer your question… sorry I dont know. But from the sound of it, even one Safex coins will get you some Chille.

Now, do you want fries with that order? :wink:


Always my friend :smiley:


100 btc @ 289
get your safex now@@@


Yes that sell wall is most likely trying to force other sellers to sell below it so the whale can buy them up. Once the whale has bought all they want to then the wall will disappear