SAFEX - $0.50c


I suspect that those pumping the hype will disappear again. As for those saying no big dump, well, we are already seeing a correction of 25 percent. By the time this dump is through we will likely be significantly below 0.02 but we shall see who is right. If you believe the project can succeed then don’t buy into the “buy buy buy” it is all about timing, so just buy what you can afford to lose.


I think that each pump brings the price to a New level. Thats good


what now and huge sell walls


Sell and buy low again?


Should i sell what is going on?


nobody here?


Besides bitcoin, the whole market is down. If you’re new to crypto this is generally the norm of ups and downs. If you bought in at 1 cent or below, you’re still making a profit. If you bought at 3 and above, keep holding if you believe in this project. At the end of the day, do NOT invest what you cannot afford to lose.


thanks i buyed at 1 but just afraid i end up whit no profit


You’ve already doubled your profits. It’s hard to predict the market. You could very well wind up in the red for quite some time depending on how things go. Take the profits and run if it’s too much. Constantly watching the numbers like a stock ticker is a sure fire way to take years off your life :scream:


If you really want to drive yourself mad just sit and watch the Bittrex order books. You’ll stark rocking back and forth within minutes.


yeah damm the sell wals and sell orders hurt me i feel stupid did not sell at 300sats


But youre talking like a short term, quick profiteer. Just put it in your safex wallet and forget about it for at least a year.


Yes strangecharm i agree. I’m really new and by the looks of things I bought in to high but im in for the long term so im not looking at the share price for a while or i will go nuts. The more long termers we have the better everyone will benefit from safex. When it hits $10 a share in 5yrs u will wish u held. A Kenny says know when to hold em know when to fold em. I’m holding


The whole market is down because the algos have piled into Bitcoin.
When Bitcoin has a significant pullback then you are going to see massive dips across the board.
Or indeed wait until Bitcoin pulls back significantly and the scam that is Bitconnnect unravels and the effect that will then have on the whole market.
People that only see traffic going one way aren’t looking at the bigger picture in my opinion.


Dude, you could be like me and have been holding silver for almost 7 years…OUCH.


My straight is jacket ready! :crazy_face:


i am a long term holder but i would liked to taked some profit at 300


I find this questionable.


Because a pump is normally done with some news/rumour and newbies will be buying because they want in.

Then the pumpers are pumping on top of that and the price dramatically rises.

Then they Dump and the price retraces back

NOW if there had been no pumpers/dumpers then those newbies and others buying because they liked the project (news/rumour) and plan to hold would have risen the price that far anyhow.

PROBLEM with pumpers/dumpers: The new people and others buying to hold have to pay a higher price and thus obtain less coin. So the pumpers/dumpers profit on the back of the people buying to hold.

The drop we see now is a combination of the pumpers/dumpers and what BTC is doing which we can see all alts dropping. But safex has dropped a much higher %age thn the alts in general


Is the share price now what it will stable at?


This is not a certain answer and could be wrong

I’d guess that it has more to drop.

The price got to 330 approx from 95 (or 100). That was a rise of around 230. 80% of 230 is 194. So it could drop as far as 200 from the 330, so 130 would be a reasonable low to expect.


All the alts are dropping at the moment so the retrace also has this effect layered on it so the price could drop as low as under 100. Some good alts are at 2 year all time lows against btc and safex is not immune from this effect. So back to 60 is possible

As I always say buy small and more often. That way you will not miss out on real low prices, but if the price drops further than you are still buying small and more often. Thus you get more coin per btc. If it rises then you didn’t miss out. The trick is to buy when its dropping and watch the news/rumor cycle.

NOTE: this is based on if you have BTC already. If you are buying btc with fiat to buy safex then thats a slightly different story and I’d say buy small and more often. Get your BTC immediately then slowly buy safex