SAFEX - $0.50c


Crazy thing is, the last thing I said was that it would probably correct back to about 215. So I guess I was banned for being right?

Or maybe one of the mods was in on the pump and dump and didn’t like people chattering about it. There were quite a people yelling “hold” the whole time.


Newbie here I have a quick question. As I have downloaded the wallet to my computer and transferred my shares to safex wallet. My question is if my computer crashes how do i view my shares if u have to download a new wallet? Or even view them on a different computer


Wow i love waking up like this and the white paper is even released yet


When the safex are in the safex wallet, generate the private key file, print/ note down and keep the private key very, very safe . In case your computer crashes, you simply download a new wallet and import the private key.

DON’T FORGET: The private key (.txt file) is not password protected and therefore once more… keep it very, very safe!!!


The price is reflecting exactly what the charts reflected. On Oct 22 Haejin Lee posted this analysis. (He meant .032 not .32).


Thanks dogberry


Read some comments here, must admit; the situation from few months ago and right now is far different.

We shed tons of noob investors; and onboarded many strong hands;

We got dumped on by a central holders; he’s more or less all bought out;

Our development team is about to face a massive expansion in the next months; while building out Beta;

Haejin Lee really meant 3,700% which would sit it down at $0.32

Considering the heavy hitting Amazon merchant at 8m eur a week in volume. That one guy can do the whole 400m volume of Safex Marketplace for a year.

Systematically the field has changed, there’s of course going to be peaks and valleys highs and lows; but we know where we’re going; Enjoy; Change the world; Safex The World!


I have the wallet downloaded if I transfer bitcoin does it convert it to SAFEX??


Wow, such Exchange, many conversion, much wallet


Dilly dilly!


The chart is nice at the moment. Just bought some of this and will hold for a while…


Damn it feels good to be a hodler


This dump is going to be epic I think.
If it is, I will be buying again


no dump coming … just pumps and small dips…


hi rob … still complaining that your coin eventually rises


So uh… why’d I get banned from discord? I’m still confused about that.

Not that it will stop me from promoting or hodling safex, but I thought it was odd.

Hell, I’ve been giving out safex wallets for Christmas.


How old are you. Seriously such responses. Have your fun and I’ll hold happily. If people had followed my advise in the last year they would have had on average 25% to 100% more coin than if they didn’t. What are you advising buy buy buy buy now? Sounds like pumping to me.


honestly… you should say thank you for increasing the worth of your investment…


sigh. Grow up


damm:sleepy: bette go up aigain