SAFEX - $0.50c


how do you mean that??


What we gonna do about that sell walls


somebody should buy it :rofl:


No shit sherlock:joy:


i mean it dr watson :joy:


i hope that some news come in 3 days


on his way to 200 sats


we gonna beat that wall


Don’t buy into the wall.

Wall is put there by the whale to force people to sell lower than that wall price.

Why? So the whale can buy more safex

Effect of buying into wall, the whale makes BTC and is able to buy more off sellers who are selling below the wall price. In other words the whale profits off you buying their wall

What to do. DON’T buy into the wall. Starve the whale.

What then? The whale will remove the wall.

What do we do? Buy at a price below the wall if we want more safex. Thus starving the whale.

In the long term buying the wall would have no effect anyhow, and you bought safex at a higher price than you needed to and the whale has more safex to do the wall trick later on.


So hold off buying more shares atm you mean


Well I mean that you decide if you wait OR just buy at one point lower than the wall. It wont take long and someone will sell to you at one point lower than the wall. And that way the whale is deprived and won’t have so many come here telling us to buy the (or their) wall.

So if the sell wall is at 200 then put a buy order at 199 (or lower if you wish) and within a day or so the order will most likely fill


Or you could just buy the wall and not give it back to the whale, forcing the whale to buy back at a higher price.


Im buying off coinspot exchange? I am really new at this. But hey at these prices its still cheap as chips


Except the price is artificially higher because you had to buy the wall. The whale is buying back as you buy the wall. There is nearly always someone selling below the wall and guess who is there buying those. The whale. The ONLY way you succeed buying a wall is that you buy the wall and the price NEVER drops below that price.

But as you have seen in just the last 6 months the price (safex/btc) has always come back to under 100 Sats. So in the end the whale is 99% likely to win and profit a few % each time.

So in nearly every case, just leave the wall, curse it if you wish but leave it and the whale will tire of it and move to more profitable pastures. But promoting the buying of the wall only helps the whale.

Just buy at one point below the wall and you profit and starve the whale at the same time.


Gee its powered ahead today


Kinda looks like that spike from 190 to 280 sats is gonna be a huge pump and dump.


Don’t suggest that in the discord channel, apparently they’ll ban you for it :persevere:


Huge volume spike last 24 hours, up to 7 million in 24hr. Almost crossed 300 line


Seems awfully harsh for just stating an opinion. A nice gradual line is easier on the eyes than a spike like this. Still, for better (hopefully) or worse this is kinda exciting.


I certainly can’t explain it. Nobody told me I broke any rules or anything. Whatever. Whoever it was probably did me a favor.