SAFEX - $0.50c


That would be good.

But you came here saying it should be PUMPED. So you don’t want us calling you a pumper then don’t go around saying you want it pumped


The summer pump wasn’t just SAFEX. It was a lot of altcoins. Even ETH suffered the same fate, went to ATH at $380 then went back to $130 same time SAFEX was falling.

The wallet news might have emphasized the already existing pattern, but I think the majority of the cause was most due to the altoin landscape at the time.

This time around we’ll probably see a slight correction after December, but we’re so close to a finished product that I think people will just buy back and hold right afterwards.


maybe you should have not get listed at all than … anyway the people that bought in at peak just wanted to make a quick dime… that is a traders decision and nobody is to blame for it … they made a wrong trading decision… happened to me too with OTN… now i am hodling it… but i really think you are on a wrong track with your opinions… sorry… but everyybody has his sight of view


We are in for a big fall I reckon given how rapidly it’s rising.
I will buy more when that happens but yeah short term it really knocks sentiment


if the price goes up than it is pumping… normal language for traders and hodlers…


it will have an new support level … and it will be higher than it used to be


that is exactly what is happening now


It was definitely a pump. We had 2 big pumpers in here telling everyone to buy and buy and its going to the moon, all on the news of the wallet being released. There were another few who joined in and supported them all saying its time to buy and this is the last time its going to be this low. They kept going which this pump talk as the price went over 600 and on the way to 800.

Then the wallet was released and those people disappeared and the price dropped like a stone. Then we had another pumping when it was at 300, and guess what as he pumped the price fell because that person wanted to sell at 300+ since he knew the price was going to fall further.

So while other events may have cause the price to rise somewhat the pump caused it to go way higher. It was the people in the forum pumping (& disappeared afterwards) that told me that the price rise was a pump.


you had two pumpers in here telling everybody to buy… but most people here boughjt already i guess…
how much where 600sat back than ??
pump gropups do not go in forums… tehy anounce a coin and pump it


Not a good come back, the older members know I have no control over that and I wanted it listed as well back in the day that it was called SEC

You have been here 2 days and want to rewrite history. No if you read the forum back then new people were caught up in the pump hype and bought all they could with all the spare money they had. The pumpers burnt them bad and one reason I jump on pumpers who are only after the profit and not the project. And you are a self professed pumper.

Ho ho ho I know xmas is coming but that is so much …

The price can go up for many reasons. One is a pump and you say you want it pumped. It can also go up after release because people want in and not just self-professed pumpers. It can also go up by small people buying. Usually the pattern tells a tale.

And we’ve seen it all before with this coin. What you said is meaningless because there is always a support level and we’ve seen it up at 600 and 700 and 300 and 100 and …

Did you read what I said, there were 2 main ones, and they had their supporters come in too. So there were at least 5 in this forum.

Most of the time, but this forum saw a lot of new people and the best place to fleece them was here.

You are showing a lack of knowledge (real or not)


i wish i were a pro pumper . . would have much morte money than … and as i said… it is the buyers who make the decision … got burned myself… but i am not blaiming anbody but me


Simple then. Don’t profess to be a pumper and want to pump the coin.

Rather spreading the news of the project and its worth will do a lot more for the long term price of the coin than a short term pump n hype (you said it).


this is a joke right… you do not like the idea of safex getting spread … whats wrong with you … maybe people start buying because the just believe in the idea like me… if you see everwhere a pump group you are paranoid… wehat do you think teh price of other altcoins went up for… because of buyers … not becuase of staying silent over the idea … and it is unfair to people you sold your idea on ico sell… but now not worth it ?!


You don’t read

No I just took what you said as if you meant what you said (ie was not lying)

And you started off by attacking me because I attacked a spammer/pumper who was posting here. In other words you supported the pumper.

So I don’t know what you keep attacking when I have agreed with you that the project should be told to as many people as possible. By attacking that you are deliberately confusing the message you are trying to say and usually means you are hiding your real purpose or just like attacking people.


but what you are writing is paradox… you want to spread the idea… but when they are buying you say it is a pump group … …
you must have much faith in your own investment
… spreading news means more buyers… means increase of price … good for all in my opinion


So why did you SPAM the forum? Saying it once would have been enough. By SPAMing 4 times you gave the message of a spammer and I like a lot of people turn off when that happens.


Whatever, I showed how you professed to be a pumper and think the only way is to pump. Its not me who needs to reevaluate his motives.

Goodnite and I leave you to your views on promotion and others can evaluate motives too. I hope you have the right motives and just the wrong way to achieve them, but your posts will tell. Good luck


however… attracting new buyers is a big part to let the community grow… this comes along with more demand and price increase… good night


I’m pretty new to forums I thought to put 1 in each category that I was reading just in case it gets missed but anyway lesson learned, let’s be all happy and head to the :waxing_gibbous_moon: :rocket:


Somehow after reading the last few posts I am thinking about my exwife; impossible to talk to as well. Told a surgeon once how she would do an operation and called him, in the car on the way back home, stupid, because he didn’t want to listen and learn from her. Her profession? I still haven’t got a clue. Gold digger would be best to describe.

Better not tell her safex is up… :wink: