SAFEX - $0.50c


Really depends on the White Paper. As soon as it gets published, we are gonna be seeing some striking upward movement.


I’m sure we are breaking 200 Sats.


Its doing good at the moment!:rocket: And when white paper?


To the moon


it needs to be more supported . on altcoin chats nobody talks about it … we have to spread out like ants and talk about it . let us increase trading volume … inform people about it… on coin farm #2 with over 13000 users nobody ever talked about it… i was talking the whole day about it today…


Beware of the pump n dump and sell off after the release/whitepaper breaks. (buy the rumor, sell the release)

We are seeing again a repeat of the pump/dump that happened around the news/release of the wallet.

Do not buy if the price suddenly rises and wait till its all over. Buy slowly and more often and you will end up with more in the end in most cases.


A Pump/dump


i think the actual price is still good to get in … especially if you hold on long term … if you do think safex isn`t worth 2cent why you are here … we should support this coin and trust … every coin rises … mybe thats the moment


Wow, how about reading my other posts.

What do you think i mean by this (did you consider I think its worth it at any price, just buy sensibly)

Or are you part of the pump group? And wanting people to buy a quick rise.

When you attack someone who has been here from the ICO and supported the project all that time and only ever advised people to buy sensibly, you had better be sure of your words. :wink:


no …bbut i am telling everybody on the altcoin channels to buy in … we should be happy if the trading volume increases … also a pump can increase the interest… and that is what we need … to get it hyped !!!
in my opinion it is not a pump group… the graphs would show it … it would have gone up in less than 5 minutes minutes in order to drop the next minutes hours


So a pump then.

Anyhow you had better show that its not what you want by spending a lot of time here before telling people to buy buy buy.

Pumps often start weeks or days before the real pump. Seen it all before and if you don’t want to be seen as a pumper then don’t act like one. It didn’t work in your favor when you criticize me for criticizing a pumper in my post earlier.


a coins has to be pumped with spreading and supporting infos about it … many people do not even know that this coin exists… and that is not the way it should be … the price could be much higher if you would haver promoted it on all posiibly chjannels … alt coin farm #2 with 13000 users never even mentioned it .


No for every coin pumped there are 90% of those are worthless and for the other 10% the new people have been pushed by the pumper to buy at a price higher than they needed to.

Any how you said what you said and declared your purpose. How about proving otherwise.


ok man… as you want … i am hodling this coin… and this is why i want to see it pumpming like 90 % of hodlers … so whats wrong about it … many other people will get on the safex train because they will see the chances … you do not understand marketing i guess… anybody here wants to see the price staying where it is ??


you will never reach ,50 cent without pumping and promoting it


We haven’t even begun any marketing efforts yet. Hodlers need to be patient and follow the roadmap.

Yes, this is intentional.

What’s the point promoting SAFEX if we don’t even have a testable product?

Let’s just stay focused on alpha release this month first. Marketing and PR will come later.


whats the point of not promoting an idea ?? what did you do on ico sell ??
wasnt it promoting the idea??


The small team can only do so much, there’s limited man power.

So they focus their efforts on what needs to be done at this stage of growth.

And marketing just isn’t a priority (right now), there are much more important things to be done for the project to be a success.


than be happy if there are people out that have faith in this project and spreading the idea… and dont call me a pump group


To get the price high so then the pumpers can sell then buy back when it drops. We saw it before when it high 800+ because people were saying the same thing and used the news of the wallet. And it really hurt the price because many new people who bought at the high price sold off when it dropped (then dropped further with btc rise)