SAFEX - $0.50c


How high will we go?

Realistic thoughts please.


Too many variants. It could explode and go to $100 in 5 years… or not :slight_smile:


Worth more. Price will be directly proportional to chille chain traffic. If you see the marketplace succeeding it could be worth huge amounts.


What is your prediction on Chille and Safe in general?


2018 Q2 $1-3 ea Safex


Wow! I hope that comes to fruition! I’m sitting on about 500k. Seriously thinking about bumping it up to 1 mil.


It will easily be $1 by end of 2018 at least


If safex goes to $1 by the end of this year, then I guess I got more than just a free college ride lol


That will be interesting. Do you hold a nice amount?


Didn’t I tell you all this on the slack last night? :stuck_out_tongue:


As a student, I only managed to grab just over 100k, but I have also some stake on two other coins, one is currently mooning and the other I recently bought in because it seemed like it’s under a FUD currently due to the bitcoin pumps


I actually haven’t looked at the slack yet…


Oh yeah! Shit didn’t realise same person…lol


It seems that once it hits a dollar many are going to dump it. Unfortunate. I’m in this for the long run.


If it does, I’ll take my lambo in yellow please.


I want the Chille coins, so I will most likely be holding safex for the long term unless I absolutely have to sell them.


Coins usually bounce back after dumps if they are worth investing in. Dumps are short term.


If you sell your salex after you’ve received your chille coins do you lose your chille coins too? Or are they a seperate unit with a seperate price? Sorry for the noob question!
I imagine it is the former and they are only used to determine dividend share?


Nobody knows yet. Under development ATM


I’d assume selling safex has no impact on chille which is seperate.