Rig rent a plan


Plan for miningimage @dandabek Keep us posted on this as I missed it on discord only Silvergun informed me of same.
Looks like a great idea.


when it’s put together in completeness we will go public with a site you can sign up and buy the safex cash production of a rig.

You will pay upfront the rent and electric plus all the production of a graphic card.

Obviously you can buy multiple starting with 1 gpu.

The goal is to demonstrate a model that can stabilize the mining on our network.


Thanks Dan, this will work great for me personally as I’m on the road working most weeks and can’t mine full time, suppose it wold be like renting a server as I did in Canada and it never let me down.


Exactly, that’s right. And with a fixed cost it takes the fog of war out of it.


Glad to see this, any time frame ??


End of January it should be up and running; we’re starting the sourcing of GPUs now. Serbia has Christmas holidays in first week of Jan so we are still active.


Looking forward, I have the one click miner running on 4 laptops they work sweet :wink:


so, how much does renting cost?


It will be eur 200-250 a year for renting 1 card. There’s no limit, you can also consider renting several cards. Do as you wish :+1:


Would have thought much more like 800>1000 Eur PA. anything less than 1 euro a day would be good but 60 cent a day definitely interested


So if I purchased a one year contract could I stop mining on one pool during the period and switch to a different pool? I.e. switch/stop pools as I choose.


I’m interested when can we start investing? And did they plan some pre sale? :rocket:


Usually renter is allowed to enter several mining pools of their choice ( set a list of mining pools). In case one of the mining pool fails, it should automatically switch to the second pool.

@Power should be this month, we’ll have to wait for official statement. Dan didn’t mention presale though