RandomX question

Newbie here.

If ASICs can’t mine and its just home computers, does this mean I’ll find a block much easier and that the cost of mining decreases by a lot?

If so won’t the price of SFX go down because those people mining GPU mining can sell it for a lot cheaper?

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I did a ‘per SFX’ cost some months back for current mining against the huge network hashrate caused by cheap NH… I was paying 69c/SFX.

But I live in an area with very expensive power. Others would’ve still been mining cheaper than that.

However, once we move to RandomX and NH hashrate disappears, then I expect I will indeed get SFX that works out cheaper. But I don’t think it will mean the SFX will be cheaper than what the NHers were mining it for… it will probably still be some cents per SFX to mine, or could even still be double figures, depending on your power charges.

So the move to RandomX makes it fairer for regular home users to earn them at a BETTER price, not necessarily a price cheaper than was being done on NH.


Since more people are capable of competing it means that your effort from your home computer goes a longer way, however, it is more limited the sense that there are many GPU farms out there, but far fewer CPU farms.

Most people don’t have several idle CPUs at home, only 1 or a few and usually in use, so you can’t mine 24/7 at full power as you would with a specific machine for that like in the case of mining rigs.

In this way you can also put your funds on a stronger CPU for your personal use computer and you can mine with it in the background or at night.

The power consumption is far lower than a GPU array, since you only need to power one CPU.

So in the end you have a chance to actually acquire yet since many more people are able to participate then the competition remains fair. In this way you don’t have a specialized mining co consuming all of the SFX potential.

Unlike before, the cpu barely stood a chance, the tables turn now.