Question about post-burn trading


I think you are misunderstanding what is going to happen.

Safex on BTC blockchain will be converted to the same amount of Safex on the new blockchain. So you will send your “old” Safex to a burn address and receive the same amount of “new” Safex coins.

After that, and in addition, you will receive a one-time airdrop of Safex Cash (a totally new coin, not the same as “new” Safex), depending on the amount of “new” Safex you have in the wallet.


That’s right ^^


Hi there Dan,
I have safex tokens at coinspot exchange but hiw do I transfer them to receive new once?
I haven’t really been following the chat & just found out that I have to swap my old once for hew once.
I don’t want to miss out & loose my coins as I belive safex will make it big.
Thanks for your time


Also where do I transfer them?


Safex wallet. Available for download from website . a lot of threads discussing wallet available in forum + a tutorial on youtube.

Edit: As all this info is already available in other threads (hint hint) i’ll keep this brief. The burn wont be happening for a while yet. However storing tokens in wallet is always safest option. Until burn however Safex tokens use the btc blockchain so should you wish to send them back to an exchange before this you would have to pay tx fee in btc.


Don’t worry, its not yet. Some early prognosis says its gonna bi in April. :slight_smile:


Ok great thank you for repaying :grinning:


Ok great thanks for replying :grinning: